Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Glide Review- Golden Triangle - Double Jointer -

Hey there, just noticed my newest review for Glide has been posted.

Check it out right c'here!

It is for Bkyln's own Golden Triangle, this is their first release and shows promise.  At times it plays like an EP with some filler, but the main songs are tight and worth the listen if you are into the garage rock sort of thing. 

I hope to catch them live (and review that) in the very near future so thanks to Nick from Hardly Art for pointing them out to me.  Not much else to add so here is the offical video for "Neon Noose"

Also yesterday mi amigo, Jeffe sent over this piece of good news; the excellent Band of Horses will be releasing their new album in May...I can not wait to catch them at Jazzfest, they are one of the groups I am very excited to check out live for the first time...actually they are probablly at the top of that list.  Here they are playing "Is There A Ghost" on Letterman: 

It's off the excellent Cease to Begin... Which was smack dab in the middle at 25 on my 50 greatest albums of the 00's list in case you gave a shit...Meah!

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