Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nightlife Part 3

Awesome write up on the downtown Mike's Place today in the NYPost.  Check it out here

 Hey I know that blurry face!! (actually, that is how I see him most Friday Nights when we hangout....)
Good to know I contributed some tunes here...except the Wilco, that is all his.

I must take issue with one line in the article on Mike though:
"If you were a young single lady, he is the kind of guy you would bring home to meet the parents."
 Obviously "Justin Rocket Silverman" (Nice fake name) didn't talk to Mike for that long...I kid...I kid...(Not really)

It is kinda hard to fathom how quickly things blow up in this town, I also get such a kick out of the ridiculous comments.  I can't wait to get denied @ Mike's new club....Keep up the great pub Hermano!  Let's see if we can swing this B-day party rock show...and you, you little scamp, keep up the steam engine of publicity...and turn it into some big bucks, and that other thing you love so much...

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