Friday, November 16, 2018

Full Show Friday: Father John Misty Live @ Capital Theater 2017

We search the murky back waters of youtube to find full concerts and post them to the site weekly, come back every seven days to help us celebrate Full Show Friday's. These shows are of varying quality and may not be here for long so enjoy them while you can...As always, please support the artist every which way, but especially by seeing them live (if they are still playing)...This week...Father John Misty!

Some months our Full Show Friday's will focus on specific artistsyearsvenues, festivals or some combo of it all. This month we focus on the gorgeous Capital Theatre over the years. 

The Capital Theater in Port Chester, NY was a popular stomping ground throughout the 70's and 80's for musicians with a sprinkling during the early 90's tossed in. It was refurbished by Peter Shapiro and opened again in 2012 with a Bob Dylan concert to re-christen the venue to rock and roll once again. 

RtBE has caught some great shows since the venue reopened and will be going to more in the near future. This month the focus for Full Show Friday's will be on some of the dynamite shows throughout the "Cap's" history. 

Back in August RtBE reviewed the fantastic new album from Father John Misty, God's Favorite Customer. It is a mix of absurd and sincere and Josh Tillman's singing has never been better. RtBE will probably be talking more about this album in our year end wrap-up next month, but for now

Like all of the shows this month this one took place at the gorgeous Capital Theater in Port Chester on his Pure Comedy tour. Pro-Shot, Pro Sound, Full Setlist and Info Below. Enjoy:

Joshua Tillman’s performs at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y., as part of the ongoing Pitchfork Live series.

00:40 Pure Comedy 07:00 Total Entertainment Forever 10:10 Things It Would Be Helpful To Know Before The Revolution 14:55 Ballad Of The Dying Man 20:15 Nancy From Now On 25:20 Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins) 28:25 Strange Encounter 33:15 Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow 38:10 When The God Of Love Returns There'll Be Hell To Pay 43:25 When You're Smiling And Astride Me 48:30 True Affection 53:30 Birdie 59:40 A Bigger Paper Bag 1:04:30 Bored In The USA 1:11:15 The Memo 1:17:10 I'm Writing A Novel 1:21:15 Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings 1:25:00 Real Love Baby 1:28:30 I Love You, Honeybear Encore 1:36:48 Leaving LA 1:50:25 So I'm Growing Old On Magic Mountain 1:57:50 In Twenty Years Or So 2:04:00 Holy Shit

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Album Review: Tozcos -Sueños Deceptivos

Sueños Deceptivos
**** out of *****

The Santa Ana based four piece Tozcos has been around a few years releasing various EP's and singles and now comes their first full length Sueños Deceptivos. The record is a blistering assault of hardcore/punk screeching alive and present from the first track as the band vibrates with a compulsive energy that is barely controlled on record.

The band members Corrina Pichardo (drums), Jose Limon (guitar), Kevin Lopez (bass), Monsé Segura (vocals) are instantly at your throat with "Guerra Mundial" as the record kicks off before it's heavy slamming segues into "Asqueroso". While all the lyrics are sung/yelled in Spanish the fury palpably arrives through the speakers clearly, if not the exact meaning (to these English only ears sadly) but that matters little.

The tension building "Ritmo de la Muerte" shows the band can do more than just play hard and fast as they add texture to their formula and (slightly) tone done the aggression. "Sangre Roja, Sangre Tuya" injects some driving bass runs from Lopez while "Rechazo" screams directly forward; front woman Segura is a dynamo and clear focus, but the players expertly support her with rippling punk waves to surf upon.

Speakers of any language can follow along and join in for the crowd screaming power of "Es Mi Vida" while the ominous marching drums from Pichardo lead the way on "Veneno". The frantic tempo almost derails the speed metal fast "La Ilusion" and the tempo never lets up for the rhythmically propulsive title track.

The group works best at these breakneck speeds as the least engaging track is also the longest and slowest in "Un Hogar" but the disk wraps up firing on all cylinders as Limons buzzsaw guitar work cuts through everything on "Agusto En Miseria".

Production is bright clean and thundering when necessary as the band sound like seasoned pros careering through the 13 songs presented here just under 25 minutes. Fans of punk rock, no matter what language they speak, will not be deceived by Sueños Deceptivos
Support the artists, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Live Review: Morning 40 Federation @ Maple Leaf Bar, NOLA 11/9/18

Hey all, got a new review up @glidemag which you can read Right C'here!!!

It is of Morning 40 Federation's recent live show at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans last Friday Night.

MoFoFed are a RtBE Personal Favorite and having seen them in various states of sobriety over the last few decades it is great that they are playing at a top notch level and maybe even more importantly seem to be having a ball doing so.

Support the band, read the review, and peep some video of an older live shows of theirs which RtBE was in attendance but was way too drunk to review back in 2012:

Album Review: Cypress Hill - Elephants on Acid

Cypress Hill
Elephants on Acid
***and1/2 out of *****

It has been a long time since the classic West Coast hip hop lineup of Cypress Hill released an album. While Rise Up arrived in 2010 DJ Muggs only produced two songs for that record, you need to go all the way back to 2004's Till Death Do Us Part to find the full collective in action. Perhaps because the group is all back together or various other reasons, Elephants on Acid is the best music Cypress Hill has produced in the 2000's.

The long sprawling album of 21 tracks and interludes takes the foundation of Cypress Hills classic offerings and blends them with even more tripped out sounds and sonic adventures; nothing is off limits for the group. B Real leads the way with his patented nasal delivery, Sen Dog gets rough with his supporting growls and verses while Bobo adds percussion to lower the boom. 

By the title and the bands history, drugs are at the forefront of the record, most of the musical intervals bleed into the hip hop which follows making for a cohesive listen from the first pairing of "Tusko" into "Band of Gypsies" swirling with eastern Indian sounds into a hypnotic layered adventure. "Satao"'s intro to "Jesus Was a Stoner" and "Blood On My Hands Again" all lean heavy on the tripped out vibes but the band also recall their early harder sound as "Put Em in the Ground", "Pass The Knife" and the bilingual "Locos" prove the raw drum bass and horror movie fills are still reliable for the outfit. 

Thematically the record holds up bouncing between these two areas (trippy vibes and old school raw) thanks to Muggs production work and the fact that the interludes and instrumental breaks are just as vital to the overall albums sound as the booming hip hop tracks. Deep bass, eastern sounds can blend on tunes as well like the fuzzy "Falling Down" or the self referential (complete with la-la-la's) of "Reefer Man" or the cartoonish sounds of "Crazy" both with female vocals from Brevi. The cinematic end of days drama spewed fourth from "Warlord" is a thundering powerhouse track calling to arms all of us to "march on the devil".

The band's obsession with weed (and other hallucinogenics) produces the best offering in "Oh Na Na" as the players add saxophones, trumpets (from Terrace Martin, Adam Turchin and Josef Leimberg) around Bobo's percussion to produce an upbeat almost dance ready number for the sweet sticky bud.

This large collection of tracks can drag at times, "Insane OG" is sluggish on purpose but dulls over the short track, however the groups reinvigorated direction with Elephants on Acid manages to look directly into it's own multi platinum past and hazy psychedelic future successfully, pleasurable for both long time fans and new stoners ready to tune in and drop out.
Support the band, buy the album and peep some video below:

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Album Review: J Mascis - Elastic Days

Hey all, got a new review up @glidemag which you can read Right C'here!!!
It is of J Mascis newest acoustic release on Sub-Pop titled Elastic Days
J is J. Plug him in, give him an acoustic, put him behind a drum kit, the man is going to write his same style of songs over and over. RtBE loves him and his style and while some may be turned off by the volume of his day band Dinosaur Jr. or his lackadaisical stoner whine vocals, his songwriting skills are certainly easy to spot on his solo records. 

This one has more drums than the others, but all of his last last three (2011's Several Shades of Why or 2014's Tied To A Star) are really solid and you can't go wrong with any of his solo albums. RtBE should actually go back and highlight his Fog records because those are great as well...until then...

Support the artist, buy the record, read the review and peep some video below:

Monday, November 12, 2018

Dylan Cover #350 Joan Baez "With God On Our Side" Live

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Joan Baez playing "With God On Our Side"

Thoughts on Original
From the first time we talked about around Veterans Day as well:
Perhaps the most poignant and lasting song Dylan has written and that speaks volumes. Lyrically it is perfect; using history, the warping of religion and politics to get across the point that man will rationalize anything, even war. Only played live 30 times since it's debut at Dylan's historic Town Hall show the song has added weight and meaning when it is played.

Morality and War, Religion and Righteousness, all just words when it comes down to it, hold life inside those letters. Musically stark Dylan uses his impressive lyrics to express the confusion perfectly. Should be mandatory listing in every history classroom.


Thoughts on Cover Artist
Joan Baez is a pure legend, a voice that will transcend time. To learn about her history check out this.

Thoughts on Cover
Well number 350 in our series just happened to fall on Veterans Day 2018 and gives us a chance to make this one special. While we paid tribute to the Veterans with some NYHC earlier today, we go lyrically heavy for our Dylan Cover now. Joan is tied to Bob and vice versa and this tune and presentation is both tearful and manages to piss you off at the same time. Great song, Great cover not much more needs to be said.

Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day is an important one in our history, read more about it here.

Since this is a music site we will pay homage in our way and especially since our friend Glen has recorded a song with his great NYHC band Billyclub Sandwich titled "Veteran's Day". You can listen to bad ass tune below following the perfect Patton quote that the group used to intro it:
No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

"I choose to fight for what I live for" Well said fellows. Well said.