Thursday, December 29, 2011

Show Review: The Clay Pigeons 12-21-11 Kenny's Castaways NYC

The Clay Pigeons 
Live @ Kenny's Castaways

Good friends of RtBE The Clay Pigeons put on their 4th Annual Christmas Concert last Wednesday night at the long time Bleecker St. club Kenny's Castaways.  The group makes this their lone annual show these days, playing it when family and friends all return to New York for the holidays.

The band are NYC stalwarts who have been playing bars in and around town for more years then would probably care to admit.  Having started back in Queens when Don McNally (Vocals) Kevin Vitale (Guitar/Vocals) Mike Ryniec (Bass/Vocals) were in high school (more on that later in the evening).  The group has played an assortment of covers and originals at everything from backyard parties to Manhattan band showcases.  Having cycled through a few drummers the Pigeons have always made a concerted effort to bring fun rock and roll to their audience.  They are never above inserting the latest pop hit into one of their tunes or making fun of themselves to fire up the crowd.
The group has not played often in recent years with members moving out of town, family and day jobs taking precedent but when they do gather things are instantly flung back down to their sticky beer floor soaked roots.  These Christmas shows have been ways for the band to bring together loved ones and pull out songs that are not often played.
This year the band kicked things off with it's most recent songs and their most recent drummer, Mike Galinanes who has been slapping the skins in the Pigeons for about a decade now.  The bands bar rocking tracks such as "Josephine", "All Again" and "Summer Rain" had the long time fans shimmying and shaking but those fans would have even more to smile about later.
"Summer Rain"

(Click here for "Josephine" Video)   The band then dropped into a few cover tunes to get the crowd going including a cover of "Faith" which had two ladies up shaking their asses in front of the crowd:
Each Christmas show delivers a theme, this year was "Xmas in the 90's" so TCP dipped into it's catalog of covers, bringing the crowd back to their flannel clad youth.  90's acts as varied as Stone Temple Pilots and N'Sync were covered as the group strolled down memory lane.
 The set ended with a mega impressive medley of songs that went on for over 15 minutes straight, when they ended the segue fest the setlist looked like this:

"Tubthumping" > "No Scrubs" >" What I Got" >" Lady Madonna" > "Love Is A Highway" > "Fly" > "It Wasn't Me" > "Wannabe" > "The Real Slim Shady" > "You Could Be Mine" > "Baby Baby" > " Hit Me Baby 1 More Time" > "You Outta Know" > "Tubthumping"       

Quite a challenging run of playing for the band, but a hoot and a holler all around.  The fact that the boys didn't stay totally in the 90's didn't matter, the fans couldn't have cared less as they were singing along with all of the wild covers, TLC into Sublime?  No Problem.  Guns and Roses into Justin Bieber?!?  Only The Clay Pigeons.   
The band then brought Santa on stage for a very special treat as he gave out downloads for the groups first ever demo tape.  The bird boys went back in time and digitized their first musical recordings and allowed fans to grab them for the new century.  As Santa went about his business the group took a set break and transformed back into their high school selves.
Before there was ever a Clay Pigeon the group was known as The 13th Floor.  Slapping on flannels and ball caps and grabbing original drummer Larry Mule the foursome revisited the first songs they ever wrote playing old gems like "River's Edge", "Windows" and "Monday Sucks".  The fellas had an obvious blast reliving their past exploits, but didn't forget about the season we were in.
To End the long show the band decided to tear into some holiday classics, including their own fantastic Christmas song "The Holiday's".  Everyone by that point was full of Xmas cheer, dancing and singing as the night ended with the Queens boys take on British Band Aid super song "Do They Know It's Christmas?".

What a great way to celebrate the season of giving, and the band sure gave it their all...Until next year...
Full disclosure RtBE have been friends with TCP since 1995 and play music with various members, to this very day (and beyond).  That said it doesn't change the fact the the group is pure audio joy live when they are clicking and each Xmas show seems to bring out the best in them.  Here are a few videos of past Christmas shows to prove it:
"New Boyfriend" Clay Pigeon Original with a "Rocking" Christmas break... 

"The Grinch Song"  with The Funky In The Middle Horns

"All Again"


Hope you had a Merry Xmas and have a Safe New Year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year In Review 2011 - Top Ten Albums - Part 3 (5-1)

Another great year is finishing up for Rock The Body Electric and we wouldn't be a proper music blog if we didn't end the year with a "Best Of" list, so without further verbiage RtBE Presents it's third part of the Best of 2011 Top Ten Albums (5-1):
In the instance that RtBE has reviewed the album either on the site or somewhere else we will link to that review and just give a quick summation, just click on the name and title and you can read it.  RtBE worked with the Glide Team to give input on the their Top 20 so expect some overlap, but not a ton. Again the focus here is on full albums, not singles, but full releases you can slap on and listen to the all the way through.  

This was an odd year, there were lot of solid disks but few that rose to the level of all-time greatness, for instance if all of these albums were released in 2010, none of them would have cracked last years top 5.  Maybe the #1 this year would have kicked off Dr. Dog or Noun, but it would have been close

Without further hubbub click the read more link down there to see #5-#1 of the Top Ten Albums of 2011:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Free Christmas Music With The Venture Brothers!!

RtBE have mentioned our love of Adult Swim's many fine shows and The Venture Brothers is right up there at the top of the heap, so continuing their excellent tradition the creators have put together Christmas Songs every single year and connected them to their expertly written show. 

The "Fairytale of New York" duet that they do with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and The Monarch himself is great, if fairly obvious...
until you hear it and the roles are reversed, BOOSH!...Download it right here!

The shows Xmas episode is fantastic and deals with the awesome Krampus!!!:

That episode was the first time I ever found out about that classy guy...
And a bike enthusiast, with that...Merry Christmas, One and All!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year In Review 2011 - Top Ten Albums Part 2 (10-6)

Here is Part 2 of RtBE's Year in Review of 2011.  (Part 1 was here if you missed it) Today we venture into our Top Ten List of Best Albums for 2011.
In the instance that RtBE have reviewed the album either on the site or somewhere else we will link to that review, just click on the Band name and title to get there.  RTBE worked with the Glide Team to give input on the their Top 20 so expect some overlap, but not a ton. Again the focus here is on full albums, not singles, but full releases you can slap on and listen to the full way through.

After the jump you will see our list for numbers 10-6, this year there seemed to be a lot of great albums but not a ton of GREAT!!!!! ones, either way these are all excellent and worth your hard earned money and hard drive space, so without further ado Click that read more link.

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RtBE - Favorite Live Shows of 2011

The live show is a slippery thing.  There are lots of variables at play most having little to do with the performance itself.  Does the venue have enough bathrooms?  Is it going to rain?  What day of the week is it on?  Did I have a shitty day at work before hand?  Did tickets cost waaay too much? All of this effects one's opinion of a live show before the band even tunes up and with reason, but when the stars align, there is no place RtBE would rather be then in the moment of magic occuring spontaneously from the stage.
Live Music Has No Equal.     

While we can't see every show that is out there we try our hardest to see as many as we can (and more then most) here at RtBE.  Sure there are a few left, we have Phish and a possible NYE show, but for now here is a listing of of the best concerts we were fortunate enough to have seen in 2011, and one show at the bottom that took the top prize as this RtBE's 2011 Show of the Year:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free New MP3 From The Megaphonic Thrift

We here at RtBE have been huge fans of the Norwegian noiserock band The Megaphonic Thrift, from the first time we caught them live, to their thumping EP, to their first full length Decay Decoy.  So it goes without saying that we are stoked that the band has reached out to RtBE letting readers get a preview of their new album coming out next year by "leaking" their first single to us.
 Here is "Tune Your Mind":
  Tune Your Mind by The Megaphonic Thrift

The band has also made a creepy new video for the song which you can peep out below:

If you are having problems with either of those links or streams, click here to download the track: 

Thanks to the band, their management and the whole Norway Noise Rock scene for kicking out these creative jams. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dylan Cover #35 The Ramones "My Back Pages"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by The Ramones,"My Back Pages"
This is RtBE's 4th part of a "Best Of" for Dylan Covers, so strap on in.
Thoughts on Dylan Original:
Odd that we have made it this far and haven't touched on any covers of this all-time classic gem of a Dylan song.  The original has taken upon itself a cultural importance, and the chorus has simply become iconic.  I doubt Dylan intended such, but it toes the line of out and out protest and illustrative questions.  He puts down everyone from evangelists to girls, but the language snakes and flows so magically that it doesn't seem as harsh as "Positively 4th St" or "Ballad in Plain D".  

The sense of exhaling desperation or at least the realization that age confuses things even more seems to be what I take from this tune, but lets see how those cretins from Queens play it?   
(not sure why there is an extra 2 minutes of silence on this track...The Ramones couldn't play a 4:34 song if you paid them double..)
Thoughts on Cover Artist:
An American institution, and obviously in the conversation of Best American Band of All-time as they defined what it meant to be a punk for multiple generations at this point...  I can go on and on about them but like their tunes direct and to the point is best; they are punk rock royalty and RtBE favorites.  Their no nonsense approach to music was just like their lifestyle of van touring and saving every penny. As they aged they wanted to capitalize on their success, so the album Acid Eaters was a late career highpoint on the back of multiple covers.      

Thoughts on Cover:
This cover was the best off of that album which CJ Ramone mentioned in an interview was only suppose to be an EP, but greed lead to a full length.  There is certainly filler there, but the groups take on Dylan isn't one as CJ takes over the lead vocals and does a dynamite job.  I am not sure why Joey doesn't sing lead but the song doesn't suffer at all.  Of course the punks cut out verses, but it doesn't diminish the song in fact it adds power to the ones kept in, especially the closer. Also is that actually a solo from Johnny?  Nah couldn't be...could it?!?  

Punk covers and Dylan songs fit like a glove when done correctly, giving the speed and drive to the powerful lyrics and adding a dimension that the Bard himself would never do, so put on your leather jacket and rock out with The Ramones for a couple of minutes. 
Grade: A+

Wilson's Take:
Janasie's Take:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year in Review 2011 - Top Ten Albums- Part 1 (The Just Misses & Let Downs)

Another great year is finishing up for Rock The Body Electric and we wouldn't be a proper music blog if we didn't end the year with a "Best Of" list, so without further verbiage RtBE Presents it's first part of the Best of 2011 Top Ten Albums (The Just Misses & Let Downs):
In the instance that RtBE has reviewed the album either on the site or somewhere else we will link to that review and just give a quick summation.  RtBE worked with the Glide Team to give input on the their Top 20 so expect some overlap, but not a ton. Again the focus here is on full albums, not singles, but full releases you can slap on and listen to the all the way through.    

Today we are going to focus on the "Just Misses" and unfortunately the "Let Downs" released this year.  Here's hoping you like them, but also feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.  Expect installment 2 (#10-6) soon, but for now click on the jump:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glide Review - Steve Bernstein - MTO Plays SLY

Hey all,

got a new review up on Glide.

Give it a read right c'here!!!

It is of Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra, MTO Plays SLY.  There are some heavyweight musicians popping up on this disk and the interplay for the most part is a success.  There are unique interpretations of songs, "Stand" being the longest and coolest.

The banjo breaks are a bit odd, and I am guessing inspired by Sly Stone, but I am not really sure how...then again Sly has always been a strange bird so who knows where any inspiration comes from.

Bernstein of Sex Mob success does a bang up job bringing these musicians together, perhaps tackling different tunes would have yielded even great results.  This is one album RtBE would like to hear the outtakes of.

Here is an NPR article with a track, you can buy the whole album here.  Below are also some preview video's of the band in a live setting:        

"Everyday People"


"Family Affiar" Album Version:

Jazzfest 2012 Announcement

This is a day to look ahead to spring and the southern warmth that comes at the end of April and the beginning of May each year, the glorious NOLA Jazzfest.
Maybe they will be a late add...
Today they announced the initial lineup and the big names are there to draw in the vacationers.   RtBE has some reservations about this years lineup, but there is one top draw that we will planning to stake out early and that is Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

That tune would make a good theme song this year...while we have seen this act a bunch they have never disappointed, the groups singalong style with work great with the huge sun soaked crowds.  Maybe we can request a little "License To Kill" in advance?   

All things considered the other headlining groups don't really do much for the mojo.  The Foo Fighters put on a great festival set when RtBE caught them at AmsterJam on Randall's Island a few years back (playing with Tom Petty that night...hmmm) and hopefully they can collaborate a bit more this time...maybe even a couple of Wildflowers bustouts like they did on SNL back in Nov 1994.   

It looks like Trombone Shorty may also be getting a headlining slot which is dope, but John Mayer does little to excite and The Eagles do more to infuriate then anything else... 

Amen Dude. A-fucking-Men.

Mid level adds like Levon Helm (With Mavis Staple), Steve Earle and Bunny Wailer are solid and will be attended, while the influx of some exotic acts like Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 and Bombino are cool flairs. For the full lineup click here. 

The staples of the festival will always be great (Rebirth, Meters, Soul Rebels, Neville's, Kermit, Dr John etc.) and truly they are the main reason to attend.

There is still one TBA main slot to be announced (at least) but overall RtBE will probably be hitting the festival in the AM and leaving before late in the PM for some early dinners and meeting up with local friends this year rather then sticking around for the headliners...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Album Review - Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

 Dum Dum Girls
Only In Dreams
**** out of *****

With a few EP's and leaked releases already this year the marketing team behind Dum Dum Girls has been working overtime (as has the band), but we all know with great internet hype comes snarky backlash, so does the album meet expectations?  to the point, Yes, this right here is a solid dose of Retro-Rock taken from a girl group slant with affecting lyrics, dreamy vocals, and fuzzy guitars. 

Visually the group has its gimmick down with stockings, tight black dresses and overdone makeup which could seem silly if the songs weren't just as striking.  The confident "Always Looking" starts things off and is complete with background yells and echo chamber guitars that ring out through deep pits of space and sound.  The hip shaking element of the group shouldn't be downplayed; there is a party twisting in front of the (at times) eerie sounds.  Kristen Gundred known as the stage name Dee-Dee writes simplistic songs then elevates them with stage stealing singing.  Breathy at times and reminiscent of Rachel Nagy from The Detroit Cobras, Gundred makes choruses like "just a creep" sound much more important then they seem at first glance.      

The shimmering production is perfect, tracks like the throwback "Heartbeat", the jangly single "Bedroom Eyes" or the static-y pop-punk of "Wasted Away" all sound authentic and fresh.  "In My Head" is a real winner with the pain and confusion of a messy break masked behind a legitimately great pop song.  The group isn't as successful when they spread out, "Coming Down" is an apt title but at 6 minutes it could have used a trimming with its fall out/drug release despair.

Only In Dreams proves the bands PR people weren't whistling Dixie, there is some serious talent behind the bright red lipstick and black fishnets that these ladies sport.       

Call RtBE sentimental suckers but we love it when a hyped (some would say over hyped) group actually delivers the goods and that is the case here with the Dum Dum Girls.  Go grab the album here, and here are a few preview vids:
"Wasted Away"

"Bedroom Eyes"

"Always Looking"

Album Review - Tom Waits - Bad As Me

Tom Waits
Bad As Me
****and1/2 out of *****

When Tom Waits released his last collection of new original songs, 2004's Real Gone, he dove head first into toying with his voice as an instrument, adding it to his growing collection of weird sounds to be tinkered with for the end result of creating a song.  It lead some to believe that his vocal chords may have given up after years of gruff growling, but now 7 years later Bad As Me proves that his vocal death-song was premature.  Waits not only sings (almost) soprano on this disk, he plays with all of his past vocal styles, from ballad to yelper and does so with a flash not seen since Mule Variations.

The tough guy troubadour with a heart of gold sounds at ease rolling through his familiar seedy back alleys and may just be the best sentimental singer around (The rough voice making it so much sweeter).  The stripped down weepy ballad "Last Leaf" takes something so simple and makes it memorable with Keith Richards adding backing vocals.  The aged Rolling Stone also shows up on guitar and in the lyrics to "Satisfied" with its stomp and aggressive howl, fueled also by a Les Claypool bass line.  There are A list supporters throughout with Marc Ribot on guitar, Clint Maedgen on Sax, and Flea on bass just to name a few.  All three of those contributors and a slew more slam around on the raw "Hell Broke Luce" which may be Waits first overtly political song that deals with war and the horror of returning from one.
The uppity steam engine swinging soul style of the opener "Chicago" recalls the jazz age while the waltzing "New Years Eve" with it's epic lyrical trail and accordion squeezes ends the night with the candle burning low as "Auld Lang Syne" dissipates into the cobblestone darkness.  In between we get the twitchy horn tooting "Get Lost", torch song bleakness of "Kiss Me" and the isolated aloofness of "Face To The Highway" all winners, in fact there isn't a dud in the bunch.  Even the bonus disk holds surprises via the 50's pop styled "Tell Me".  

Bad As Me is the album Waits should be making at this point in his career; reflecting on all of his triumphant styles without one dud in the bushel.  The album solidifies his already impressive cannon with an artistic work that stands up with the best of all his great albums.

This is a doozy of a disk, I was thinking Waits may have been past his best days after Real Gone, while I didn't hate it, it was far from his best work.  An idea which was solidified when he released the excellent OrphansGlitter and Doom was a nice live addition to his catalog, but could he ever reach down and pull out another selection of timeless songs? it is...  Some songs to preview, please support this great artist by buying the album here.   

"Last Leaf"

"Kiss Me"

"Hell Broke Luce"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dylan Cover #34 The White Stripes - "Love Sick"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by The White Stripes,"Love Sick"
This is RtBE's 3rd part of a "Best Of" for Dylan Covers, so strap on in.

Thoughts on Dylan Original:
The opener on Dylan's 1997 classic Time Out Of Mind, signaled to the world, that the old bard had tons of great songs left in him.  Considered by some (not RTBE) his comeback album  Time Out Of Mind showcased stark songs with biting lyrics and most importantly lush sounding production; Dylan ditched modern sound for one he liked better.  The result was a true winner, no better seen then on this disk opener.  Dylan identified with every human via the lyric, "I'm sick of love/and I'm in the thick of it"  Who hasn't been there?  A great song that kicks off a great album, it would be nice if he played it live though...     


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
We have already covered one White Stripes Dylan tune and while RtBE have professed our love for Jackie White in the past multiple times, it did not come quickly.  In fact The White Stripes are the least impressive of White's ventures to these ears.  Sure they have their moments, but the self imposed box they placed themselves in always seemed restrictive and short sited.  There is no doubt that there best albums came when they started to open up their sonic palette, Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan and Icky Thump all had more then just Meg and Jack and that made them vastly more intriguing then their early catalog.  

If I want to listen to stripped down garage rock, I won't look to The White Stripes, I have Greg Cartwright for that...

Thoughts on Cover:
Oh boy, this one sends shivers...even with taking out the "meadow" verse and a chorus the song does not lack in the slightest.  Jack and Bob are kindred spirits, anyone who listens to either can hear this if you open your ears, and Jack plays up that particular ghost here.  Even the rudimentary drumming from Meg can not take away from the power, in fact the simplicity and starkness accentuates the track.  The howling organ is perfect and Jack's transitions between axe and keys is seamless.  A show stopper....

Grade: A+    

Wilson's Take:
Janasie's Take:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Funday - Kindergarten Punks And Monkey Love

Well this made RtBE's day, and hope it brightens yours.  It is The Sullivan School in Seoul Korea Blitzkrieg Bopping around to the glorious sounds of The Ramones, singing along in English and jumping like there is no tomorrow:

If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, you are officially a grumpy bastard.  Thanks to Jeff for sending the video over. 

Off topic for your weekend pleasure, here is one more video that almost made RtBE weep.  This amazing Gorilla reuniting with his human handler 5 years after being let into the wild, it is one of the most heart touching things I have ever seen:

Simply amazing.  How anyone can think we humans did not evolve from these creatures is beyond me. OK enough of the emotional stuff...Rock out and Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glide Review - Robert Randolph Live 11-25-11 Brooklyn, NY

Hey there,

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it right c'here!!!

It is of the Robert Randolph & The Family Band's live show on 11-25-11 at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY. RtBE have been fans of RR&TFB since they literally started playing live after we stumbled upon them during their 4th or 5th ever live set at Wetlands, in-between 2 sets of Topaz, who they proceeded to blow off the stage.  Their Live at Wetlands disk is magic, RtBE was in attendance that night also and was blown away, they could have released a double album from that amazing 2 set show that raged all night long.

After the bands initial bust out however their output has been varied, trying to find a place among blues/rock/jam/gospel fans can be really tricky.  The last show we caught of theirs left us wanting, however this most recent concert in Brooklyn reaffirmed faith, as mentioned in the review:

Unlike some recent efforts, tonight’s show played to the group’s main strengths; its down home vibe, its ongoing songs, and its group playing mixed with virtuoso musicianship.  The band didn’t get bogged down trying to play three minute pop songs or misplaced ideas of what a “rock star” should be; they were just themselves and they put on a better show for it. 

Catching the show with a group of friends, some who had never seen him before was a ton of fun; new converts to Robert are instant once he gets going, it is impossible to not be moved by his tunes.  It is interesting that RtBE caught both Robert and Trombone Shorty so close to each other, because we have compared hem before.  Both were fantastic and worthy of praise in their live set and there is a distinct hope that this greatness transfers to their studio releases at some point in the near future.

Here are some videos from the show:
Don't know the name, but this is the "Primus Like Jam" I mentioned in the review:

"Purple Haze"

"Good To See Ya" with guest guitarist

30 Days of Dead - Free Mp3's

RtBE hasn't focused much on the Dead in 2011, compared to last year at least when we talked about a different show each Monday, but the folks over at have supplied us with another dose of 30 Days Of Dead that finished up on November 30th.

Those folks have summed it up nicely, you can download the whole thing, stream each song or or just snake individual tracks, your choice.  Just click this link and pick your poison.  Hopefully you will have some time this weekend to enjoy the hippies rock on out.

On the 15th day the site highlighted the "Uncle John's Band" from 12/28/1988, here is another version of the song from the same year that sounds delightful for you to enjoy right here and now:

"Uncle John's Band" 3/26/1988

Playing the famed Hampton, VA Coliseum on 3/26/1988 the band sounds top notch, especially Garcia and Brent...and Ahh Brent...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Album Review - Crumbling Ghost - Crumbling Ghost

Crumbling Ghost
Crumbling Ghost
**and1/2 out of *****

This is self titled release from London's Crumbling Ghost is a bizarre trip that is dense and layered with all sorts of sounds, theme's and playing styles.  Billing themselves a Pyschedelic/Folk/ Progressive Rock band, the group has a wide array of areas to explore and at times seems overwhelemed by all of the freedom.  During any one of their (long) songs it can feel as if three seperate bands are playing on the same track, at the same time.  Technically gifted with parts that circle around, the group is never boring, but can be confusing.

The opening "The Collector" is the best effort and a good example of the band as a whole.  Starting with organic bird chirps that morph into feedback before Black Sabbath like metallic screeching slams into arraigned noise parts and upbeat arena riff breaks.  All are pleasant on their own and could be individual songs, but when jumbled together it can get a hair schizophrenic. 

Other songs dive right into the folk element ("Battle of Barnet", "Omie Wise") before unleashing huge electric guitars and thundering drum endings.  Regarding the bands take on the folk traditional "Omie Wise", it shows a love of the genre but a serious need to work on vocal delivery, in fact a purely instrumental take here may have been more forceful.   

A sense of stoner-rock doom seems to be lumbering behind these tracks, as things never get too happy, maybe it is just the evil vibe that lurks in the best folk songs (or a heavy bong session) but "Aggro Pronto" mixes in sunshiny 6-string licks keeping things from crushing down heavy.  "The Stumbling Host" again blends up genre's with layers of acoustic strums, noise drone ringing and R2D2 like bleeps. 

There are glimpses of real magic that show up in songs here, even if they don't always stick around past a few measures.  Being the first release from the group, having some faith, growing and finding a balance between all their musical loves should be an adventure worth taking.  

You can find the album download here, and here are a few preview track for you:
"The Collector"

"Omie Wise"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glide Review - Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave Live 11-11-11, Terminal 5, NYC

Hey all,

got a new review up on Glide.

Read it right C'here!!!!

It is of Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave Live at Terminal 5 on Friday Night 11-11-11 in NYC.

RtBE have been fans of this group for a while now.  This concert I saw some strange things in the crowd but it just lent to the total party atmosphere that was going on up on the stage.  People were making out, taking off heir clothes, fighting and getting down with wild abandonment.  The group was cooking and Troy Andrews is a legit star.  

The night had many many highlights, but the one pictured to the left there was killer as the horns made their way through the crowd playing "When The Saints Go Marching In" and "Feel Like Funking It Up".

The crowd was electric and it is really good to see such a positive reaction to a fantastic group of musicians.  Keep on Keepin' on fellas!  Some videos from the show below:

Great Highlights from the Show, and this cameraman must have been right by our group:

"Something Beautiful"

Shorty Getting his James Brown and Michael Jackson on...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dylan Cover #33 Faces - "The Wicked Messenger"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by Faces,"The Wicked Messenger"

This is RtBE's 2nd part of a "Best Of" for Dylan Covers, so strap on in. 

Thoughts on Dylan Original:
We talked about another cover version of this tune in August, so here are my thoughts then as they haven't changed:
A breezy musical number (only 2 minutes long) with some biblical lyrics that actually would foreshadow Dylan's religious musical phase that would arrive in the late 70's/early 80's "The Wicked Messenger" has a cool bass line to match the acoustic guitar.  Like most of John Wesley Harding there is a mellow mood that tends to play down the lyrics, live versions certainly have improved the tracks standing in my mind from the original. 


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I have never been into the Faces at all, the bizarre deal with the rotating name (small faces? Faces?) and rotating members was one thing that always kept me at bay from the band, but in all honesty there was another more drastic hurdle I have never overcome: Rod Stewart 

Craig Finn, nailed it so hard on the head with his lyric in The Hold Steady's "Stevie Nix":  "You remind me of Rod Stewart when he was young/you got passion, you think you're sexy, and all the punks think you are dumb!"  Well color me a punk and I couldn't agree more.  If Mick Jagger is the perfect front man, I always considered Rod Stewart one of the worst, because he always seemed to think he was the perfect front man.  He just had an air to him I couldn't stand.  The bigger issue then my perceived arrogance of him was I never liked his voice, his choice of songs, or his style.  He sucked all over, and always has in my book.    

Quick side story, I actually had a chance to meet him once, while I was at Nevada Smiths for the FA Cup Final in 2007 I was rooting for my Chelsea boys to strike down the dreaded Manchester United.  The bar was packed and like always The New York Blues went to the backyard for a breather at the half.  Well who should walk out but Rod Stewart in full Man U garb to pose for some pictures with the Man U fans in attendance.

Well if I didn't hate him before I certainly did now!  He was actually very nice to the United fans, I didn't get a whiff of arrogance at all even if he was wearing a ton of makeup (which was really odd that early in the AM), so there's that but...fuck him!  Here is a video of that game, and the bar that is going crazy when Didier Drogba scores is actually Nevada Smith's too bad you can't see myself or Rod in the darkness, but only one of us came out victorious that 

Thoughts on Cover:
All that said this is a cracking cover.  One for the ages.  Rod's voice may have never sounded better with the organs and Ron Wood's snaking guitar lines, in fact this is my favorite thing Stewart has ever been apart of.  The Faces take is a shining example as to how you do a cover of this song, and it blows The Black Keys version off the map.  A gutsy bluesy take with holy overtones and cryptic feelings, leave it to a bunch of limeys to get that style down pat.  Whatever the country, this is a dynamite version ends up better then the original and a blueprint on how to dirty up the bard's sound.

Grade: A+ 

Wilson's Take:

Janasie's Take:
Of the albums which were released in Dylan's first decade as an artist, John Wesley Harding is probably one of the ones that I listen to the least.  I don't have a good explanation for that.  It is a fine record.  It is probably that some of the other albums from that era are just so f'in good.  It gave us "All Along the Watchtower", so that alone is worthy of appreciation.  And it provided the inspiration for this week's cover, which is a monster cut.

It is only my opinion, but I think Shawn should get over his Rod Stewart bias and listen to some more Faces.  While his work with this group coincided with his ascension to super stardom, Stewart was by no means the lone talent nor the driving creative force in the collective.  If you are looking for loose, fun, dirty rock (and we know Shawn is), this band is a great place to find some.  To me, for a short period of time, the Faces were one of the few bands to capture some of that magic that The Stones seem to have cornered the market on.  Consider grabbing a copy of Good Boys When They're Asleep and a bottle of your whiskey of choice.  Your head will hurt the following morning, but you're likely to have a smile on your face.

This version of "Wicked Messenger" is simply one of my favorite Dylan covers ever.  Those first strains on the organ and then guitar foreshadow a soon-to-come, rock-n-roll ass whoopin'.  Every single player on the recording is fully invested in burning it down.  I love listening to Kenney Jones beat the tar out of his drums on this track.  While I have no patience for Rod the Mod's theatrics (nor, for that matter, did the other Faces) or much of his solo career, I do think he is one of the great rock vocalists, and I think the evidence is right here.  Ian McLagan on that organ, Ronnie Lane all over the bass, Ronnie Wood with the wicked licks.  This kind of sound is why rock and roll conquered the world.  

Glide Review - The Black Keys - El Camino

What up everybody?

Got a new review up on Glide,

Read it Right C'here!!!

It is of The Black Keys newest album, El Camino which will be available tomorrow. 

There is no secret that RtBE absolutely fell in love with the groups last album Brothers, naming it our favorite of 2010 but we were shocked to learn that they would be releasing something so quickly.  There is a certain overflow feel to El Camino, but if these are indeed leftovers then they must be those tasty, juicy, Black Friday kind because this album is delicious.

The duo enlists friends to help expand the sound to even larger proportions then Brothers, with gospel back-up singers and added instrumentation.  Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney continuing growth in the sound department  is a real plus and elevates this band higher then most playing this sort of rock and roll today.  There is also a distinct retro vibe clanging away beneath the crisp production of Danger Mouse.

This is a party get down album and the only slight negative is that it feels all one note, upbeat tunes that focus on the hip shaking and rambunctious lyrics, but when that one note is so engrossing, who can fault them?

Tonight the band plays Webster Hall and you can stream the concert live right here.

Here are some videos to check out:
"Lonely Boy"

"Gold On The Ceiling" Live on Saturday Night Live

"Money Maker"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Glide Magazine's Top 20 Albums of 2011

Hey Every body, Glide Magazine has released their Top 20 Albums of 2011 list.  Click the link to see their full list.

 There is a good intro discussing how the album is almost a lost art form these days, and when a good one comes along it is a ray of sunshine really.  They are also one of the first websites to post their list, which is cool, but I fear may have missed at least one fantastic album that is not officially released yet...

RtBE had input into this list, and gave contributions, but our list of Best Albums of 2011 will be coming up later this month, and it is safe to say there will be lots of discrepancies...

Below are 10 tracks from the albums Glide designated in their top 20, we just picked a random 10 for you to get a sample.  Enjoy your weekend!

PJ Harvey "Words That Maketh Murder" from Let England Shake

The Antlers "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" from Burst Apart

Man Man "Knuckle Down" from Life Fantastic

The Kills "Baby Says" from Blood Pressures

Destroyer "Blue Eyes" from Kaputt

Wilco "The Art of Almost" from The Whole Love

tUnE-yArDs "Bizness" from whokill 

Yuck "Georgia" from Yuck

Wild Flag "Romance" from Wild Flag

Kurt Vile "Ghost Town" from Smoke Ring For My Halo