Thursday, December 8, 2011

30 Days of Dead - Free Mp3's

RtBE hasn't focused much on the Dead in 2011, compared to last year at least when we talked about a different show each Monday, but the folks over at have supplied us with another dose of 30 Days Of Dead that finished up on November 30th.

Those folks have summed it up nicely, you can download the whole thing, stream each song or or just snake individual tracks, your choice.  Just click this link and pick your poison.  Hopefully you will have some time this weekend to enjoy the hippies rock on out.

On the 15th day the site highlighted the "Uncle John's Band" from 12/28/1988, here is another version of the song from the same year that sounds delightful for you to enjoy right here and now:

"Uncle John's Band" 3/26/1988

Playing the famed Hampton, VA Coliseum on 3/26/1988 the band sounds top notch, especially Garcia and Brent...and Ahh Brent...

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