Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glide Review - Robert Randolph Live 11-25-11 Brooklyn, NY

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Got a new review up on Glide.

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It is of the Robert Randolph & The Family Band's live show on 11-25-11 at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY. RtBE have been fans of RR&TFB since they literally started playing live after we stumbled upon them during their 4th or 5th ever live set at Wetlands, in-between 2 sets of Topaz, who they proceeded to blow off the stage.  Their Live at Wetlands disk is magic, RtBE was in attendance that night also and was blown away, they could have released a double album from that amazing 2 set show that raged all night long.

After the bands initial bust out however their output has been varied, trying to find a place among blues/rock/jam/gospel fans can be really tricky.  The last show we caught of theirs left us wanting, however this most recent concert in Brooklyn reaffirmed faith, as mentioned in the review:

Unlike some recent efforts, tonight’s show played to the group’s main strengths; its down home vibe, its ongoing songs, and its group playing mixed with virtuoso musicianship.  The band didn’t get bogged down trying to play three minute pop songs or misplaced ideas of what a “rock star” should be; they were just themselves and they put on a better show for it. 

Catching the show with a group of friends, some who had never seen him before was a ton of fun; new converts to Robert are instant once he gets going, it is impossible to not be moved by his tunes.  It is interesting that RtBE caught both Robert and Trombone Shorty so close to each other, because we have compared hem before.  Both were fantastic and worthy of praise in their live set and there is a distinct hope that this greatness transfers to their studio releases at some point in the near future.

Here are some videos from the show:
Don't know the name, but this is the "Primus Like Jam" I mentioned in the review:

"Purple Haze"

"Good To See Ya" with guest guitarist

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