Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Album Review - Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

 Dum Dum Girls
Only In Dreams
**** out of *****

With a few EP's and leaked releases already this year the marketing team behind Dum Dum Girls has been working overtime (as has the band), but we all know with great internet hype comes snarky backlash, so does the album meet expectations?  to the point, Yes, this right here is a solid dose of Retro-Rock taken from a girl group slant with affecting lyrics, dreamy vocals, and fuzzy guitars. 

Visually the group has its gimmick down with stockings, tight black dresses and overdone makeup which could seem silly if the songs weren't just as striking.  The confident "Always Looking" starts things off and is complete with background yells and echo chamber guitars that ring out through deep pits of space and sound.  The hip shaking element of the group shouldn't be downplayed; there is a party twisting in front of the (at times) eerie sounds.  Kristen Gundred known as the stage name Dee-Dee writes simplistic songs then elevates them with stage stealing singing.  Breathy at times and reminiscent of Rachel Nagy from The Detroit Cobras, Gundred makes choruses like "just a creep" sound much more important then they seem at first glance.      

The shimmering production is perfect, tracks like the throwback "Heartbeat", the jangly single "Bedroom Eyes" or the static-y pop-punk of "Wasted Away" all sound authentic and fresh.  "In My Head" is a real winner with the pain and confusion of a messy break masked behind a legitimately great pop song.  The group isn't as successful when they spread out, "Coming Down" is an apt title but at 6 minutes it could have used a trimming with its fall out/drug release despair.

Only In Dreams proves the bands PR people weren't whistling Dixie, there is some serious talent behind the bright red lipstick and black fishnets that these ladies sport.       

Call RtBE sentimental suckers but we love it when a hyped (some would say over hyped) group actually delivers the goods and that is the case here with the Dum Dum Girls.  Go grab the album here, and here are a few preview vids:
"Wasted Away"

"Bedroom Eyes"

"Always Looking"

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