Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jazzfest 2012 Announcement

This is a day to look ahead to spring and the southern warmth that comes at the end of April and the beginning of May each year, the glorious NOLA Jazzfest.
Maybe they will be a late add...
Today they announced the initial lineup and the big names are there to draw in the vacationers.   RtBE has some reservations about this years lineup, but there is one top draw that we will planning to stake out early and that is Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

That tune would make a good theme song this year...while we have seen this act a bunch they have never disappointed, the groups singalong style with work great with the huge sun soaked crowds.  Maybe we can request a little "License To Kill" in advance?   

All things considered the other headlining groups don't really do much for the mojo.  The Foo Fighters put on a great festival set when RtBE caught them at AmsterJam on Randall's Island a few years back (playing with Tom Petty that night...hmmm) and hopefully they can collaborate a bit more this time...maybe even a couple of Wildflowers bustouts like they did on SNL back in Nov 1994.   

It looks like Trombone Shorty may also be getting a headlining slot which is dope, but John Mayer does little to excite and The Eagles do more to infuriate then anything else... 

Amen Dude. A-fucking-Men.

Mid level adds like Levon Helm (With Mavis Staple), Steve Earle and Bunny Wailer are solid and will be attended, while the influx of some exotic acts like Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 and Bombino are cool flairs. For the full lineup click here. 

The staples of the festival will always be great (Rebirth, Meters, Soul Rebels, Neville's, Kermit, Dr John etc.) and truly they are the main reason to attend.

There is still one TBA main slot to be announced (at least) but overall RtBE will probably be hitting the festival in the AM and leaving before late in the PM for some early dinners and meeting up with local friends this year rather then sticking around for the headliners...

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