Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fun Day: Petty Vedder!

Big up's to Chris for Fwd'ing me this video that captures a cool as all hell moment in rock and roll as Eddie Vedder hop's on stage with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in Amsterdam.  The group runs through "The Waiting":

and "American Girl":

Fantastic quality, great songs, excellent singing, what else can you want on this Friday?  Enjoy your weekend. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Full Primus Concert!

It started back in October last year with Phish, it got it's body movin' again early this year with the Beastie Boys, and started a monthly trend here in May with the North Mississippi All-Stars.

So now every month we will search the murky back waters of youtube to find full concerts posted to the channel.  They may not be here for long so enjoy them while you can...As always, please support the artist every way you can but especially by seeing them live...This month...PRIMUS!!!!

Here is Primus playing the classic venue Red Rocks in beautiful HD video and perfect sound. This is a webcast that was recorded on 8-12-10 and is the full is not one to miss.

RtBE have long been fans of Primus and Les Claypool is pretty much the greatest at what he does, granted he is the only one but that doesn't diminish anything.  Today's show comes from their summer 2010 tour which we were lucky enough to have caught when it rolled through NYC just a few days before this captured concert.  Check out the pictures here and the review here!

The setlist presented in this youtube concert is a beauty (check it below).  This is a hell of a recording and a great show played with fire by the trio, enjoy this one for a while...

8.12.10 Red Rocks

Pudding Time
In the Flesh (Pink Floyd Cover)
Here Come the Bastards
Behind My Camel (The Police Cover)
Groundhog's Day
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Golden Boy
American Life
Big in Japan (Tom Waits Cover w/ Gogol Bordello)
Over the Falls
Drum and Whamola Jam
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
Over the Electric Grapevine
Harold of the Rocks
Tommy the Cat

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Live Review: Galactic 6/1/12 Brooklyn Bowl

Hey all,

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it Right C'here!!!

It is of Galactic's recent show at the excellent Brooklyn Bowl on Friday June 1st. 

I have written a bunch about Galactic here lately (and in the past) and their set was cool, without all the guests it might not have been though.  With that in mind let me take a second to talk about The Dead Kenny G's.
Skerik has enchanted my brain since I first saw him playing with Les Claypool back in the day...he is a beast on the Sax, and this trio let's him go all out with equally talented and freaked out players, Brad Houser and Mike Dillon.  These guys were getting it done and going mental at the same time...I grabbed their new EP and will review it soon, but I can not wait to see them again live.  Check them if you want a night of insane tunes.   Here is "Black Death" as a sample:

Below are some great videos from this show captured by nycblaster.  Here are 3 featuring the man who is everywhere, Corey Henry:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dylan Cover #49 Ani DiFranco "Hurricane"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by Ani DiFranco playing "Hurricane"

Thoughts on Original:
One of the most iconic songs in Bob Dylan's repertoire and famously returned him to "topical" song writing that many of his fans clamored for.  Coming on the story song centric album Desire, the song and attached cause obviously invigorated Dylan at a crucial point in his life, and gave us the cool term "pig circus" to boot.  You can argue the facts and the case if you want to but simply as a work of art "Hurricane" holds a title belt.    

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I have never really given Ani DiFranco a serious listen, I have heard her in passing, but don't own any of her albums or really even know any of her hits.  This is probably a fault of mine. 

Thoughts on Cover:
If you are going to cover one of the most instantly recognizable songs in rock and roll history, you better put your own stamp on it...and Ani does just that.  Her breathy vocals mixed with the sparse drumming, electronic flairs, funky keyboards and wah-wah guitar that washes away into the corners of your ears make this an exciting ride.  This is a really adventurous cover, and whenever an artist takes a chance and it works it should be rewarded, no matter what you think of DiFranco, you deserve to give this one a listen:

Grade: A

Wilson's Take:

Janasie's Take:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Bloomsday

I think last year we said it best, we covered the best picture of all time, here it is again if you forgot:
We just need to help punctuate what should be a national holiday here and in Ireland, Bloomsday.  Here's a perfectly dorky video on the subject...yet still pretty cool:

Raise a pint and dress in some throwback gear for Leopold Bloom.  He earned it by being the main character of one of the best and equally most frustrating literary works of all time, Ulysses.  Go grab it at the public library, or maybe something lighter by the great author (Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man would be my suggestion).
 Also, Happy Anniversary Tom and Lindsey!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Funday: Blowing Up the Chicken Man

RtBE is headed down the highways of Jersey this weekend to catch Phish play in Atlantic City.  Should be a fun time, but I can not head to that town without listening to one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen gems, "Atlantic City".  However, I will state that this version by The Band may just be superior to the original:

This is a later day version of the group, but the three stalwarts, Garth Hudson, Levon Helm and Rick Danko are all present along with the criminally underrated Jim Weider

This group of musicians put fourth the album Jericho which is a fantastic listen and proved the fellas could still play some great rock and roll without Robbie Robertson.  Just talking about it makes me want to hear their cover of one of Bob Dylan's best songs, "Blind Willie McTell"

Wow, Rick kills it...Hmmm, maybe we should do a Monday Dylan Cover of that one in the near future...anyway, enjoy your weekend

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Review: Instruments A' Coming Benefit 4/30/12 Tipitina's, LA

Instruments A' Comin Benefit Concert 
Tipitina's, New Orleans Louisiana

Click on that flyer above to get the full version and then read the insane lineup; it is a veritable whose who of the New Orleans live music scene.  This show had it all and it was for a good cause in one of the city's most historic venue's, how could you miss it?!?!

Well Jazzfest fans who were spending the full week and NOLA locals surely didn't as the event was sold out (and then some) as bands played outside, inside, all around side on this warm southern spring night.   
Tipitina's is a classic venue, 2 floors (upstairs was for VIP only tonight) with huge bars and cheap drinks, the sound is pretty fantastic, but views can be spotty at times, and the TV's showing the action on stage look brand new...if this was 1982, an upgrade is sorely needed.  However, the location has it's own foundation and money goes to much more important needs, such as instruments for local marching bands, this is it's marquee event to raise funds

Due to dinner in the quarter we arrived a bit late, and missed the marching bands but thanks to youtube (and kitchy) we can catch some:

We walked up to the venue while the Honey Island Swamp Band was finishing off it's outdoor set.  Grabbing a cocktail and grooving outside was great until the funky sounds of Galactic could be heard wafting from indoors.  Walking in you have to rub the forehead of the bust of Professor is a must for luck. 
Like most Jazzfest's this band is everywhere, playing with everyone.  Corey Henry from Rebirth Brass Band was in tow blowing his trombone with the fellas on this night. The band ripped out a killer "You Don't Know" with Glen David Andrews supplying the vocals like he did on the fantastic Ya-Ka-May. Corey Glover popped up and sang a raucous version of "Hey Na Na" as the bands short funky set winded down, normally ready to party to the wee hours, you could tell the fellas were just getting started when they had to stop.

Cruising around outside saw the completion of the silent auction which had some totally unique items for auction (next year gotta bring the check book) while Big Sam's Funky Nation took to the stage.  Rocking out as a 4 piece, this was the first time RtBE had a chance to catch BSFN and we were super impressed.  Running through a rock/funk medley that was tighter then a barrel of bourbon, and included "Pusher Man", Parliment-Funkadelic and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".  
The naturally charismatic front man Sam Williams worked his stripped down group like a pack mule, owning the stage.  The group played mostly jams and covers including a fantastic rendition of "Mr. Big Stuff with Jean Knight taking over the vocals:

The low-end on this night were the superstars as the bass and drum made your head bob throughout, a party set from the get go and the band that I instantly became hip too; I will not miss the Funky Nation next time they are in town.

BIGI are funk royalty as Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr, Ian Neville and Russell Batiste threw down the sticky funk with confidence.  Playing a half hour set saw the group only play two songs but touch on a world of grooves.  Maestro's just jamming at their craft. 
As the Professor looks on
Up next turned out to be the main attraction, RtBE has looong been an admirer of Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, and now he has apparently reached main event status.  His set was basically the same from the day before when he played Jazzfest, but the energy level was amped in the close quarters.  
Their pulling out of Rage Against The Machines "Bull's On Parade" via horns was just as insane the second time I saw it, but their cheesy side was also in effect with "Encore/Replay".  "Do To Me" was a better mix of styles still containing a pop edge, see for yourself:
Their whole set had the crowd ecstatic and an ending jam found Troy sitting behind a b3 organ grooving on the keys, adding a unique flair to things.  What was perhaps most surprising was the crowd literally clearing out post Shorty set; they had obviously been there for him. 
We stuck around though and were treated to the Dirty Dozen Brass Band cutting loose for the next hour+ celebrating the release of their new album Twenty Dozen.  The legends in the field were joined by Corey Henry (he's everywhere) as the band blew out the night and closed things on a high note of elegant horns and funky ass grooves.  Knowing that school kids will reap the benefits from this night make things that much sweeter...until next year.

Thanks again to youtube uploader kitchy for the perfect videos, great stuff!  Until next year....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Live Review: Neil Young Interviewed by Patti Smith 6/6/12

Luckily RtBE got to be in on one of the coolest events happening anywhere around NYC on 6/6/12, a rare interview with Neil Young conducted by fan/fellow rocker Patti Smith.  The interview took place at the 2012 Book Expo at the Javitts Center as it was in anticipation for Young's upcoming memoir Waging Heavy Peace.  Also released only a day earlier was Neil Young's newest album Americana which pairs him back up with his kindred rock and roll spirits, Crazy Horse. (Full review coming soon).
Thanks to NYPL we were lucky enough to be in attendance for this wonderful discussion, which like any good rock show started out 20 minutes later then scheduled to a packed room.  While the expo knows books, it could work on it's sound techniques as Smith was over mic'ed causing feedback and Young was barely audible for the first 15 minutes or so.
When things got straightened out the pair relaxed easily into their discussion, wearing a Pancho and jeans Young commented on "the folk process" which basically allows him to "reinvent things" like he does on the new album with the song title "Jesus Chariot" which Patti (dressed in a grey t-shirt and suit jacket) mentions was her favorite part of the new album, the re-titling of "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain".

Young talked about how these songs he was researching for Americana were rooted in religion and what he called cults, but he also felt that songs like "Get A Job" were true folk songs that should be included.  Young mentioned the idea for the album came way back in 64 when he was playing in the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with his band The Squires.  They were watching The Thorns play folk versions of old American Folk songs.  Young stated "Well, I can do that, and I got a drummer..."

He then saw "High Flying Bird" sung by Stephan Stills and it further inspired Young to get involved in this folk rock stuff...and now almost 50 years later he goes back to his original inspiration.
Patti asked Neil about getting back together with Crazy Horse and if the memoir inspired him to do so.  He mentioned he was thinking about them the whole time.  Smith also mentioned that book felt like there was no barrier between Young and her, like he was talking directly to the reader and she appreciated it wasn't linear, like a conversation between friends.  He agreed that was the plan. 

Patti asked a question that her daughter texted her earlier in the day for Neil, since his father was a writer, did he fell a special closeness to him will putting this memoir together.  Young seemed taken aback by the question, mentioning it was a good one, and said indeed he did.  He told of his father calling him "Windy" and always having a  special bond with him when he was typing away upstairs.
Patti mentioned the anti-war movement and how Young was vital for motivating her through "Ohio".  Young told the story of writing the song deep in the redwoods while high with David Crosby, someone had come to visit and dropped off Newsweek with the famous picture on the cover and Young wrote the song "in a minute".
Crosby was floored and convinced Young to leave right then, go to LA, cut the track the next day, press it to acetate (which Young mentioned was like Social Media today) and had it in DJ's hands within two weeks.

Young also talked about technology often and mostly in a negative fashion, mentioning how he used to use the stage as a laboratory to try out new songs and even write songs live.  He would try things out in front of crowd to gauge reactions, now he can't because that night it will be on youtube, and people will instantly judge it.

He also mentioned how someone recently told him his new record sounds under-produced, Young asked him how he had listened to it, the person responded MP3 on a Mac, and Young just laughed commenting "it is like reducing a Picasso to wall paper then photocopying it".                    

Patti had a few other questions, but Neil wanted to mention while reading her book, Just Kids, he had the same reaction that she did to Bob Neuwirth.
Both had only met Bob minimal times, but both came away with an inspired sense of awe, and confidence in themselves from the meeting.  A pretty cool story.  

This lead into a conversation about Bob Dylan and Young mentioned there were times especially early in his career where he could not listen to Dylan because he was like a sponge and would start sounding like him when he went to write songs.  He admired him so much he wanted to be like him but needed to be his own voice. 

Smith asked about dreams and do they play a roll in songs, Young mentioned they do not lyrically but they do in his improvised guitar playing.  He then went on to talk about the connection between the lack of modern day live improvisation with the dying quality of playback technology, Smith interjected "we don't want our art to become information, we aren't making product" to applause.  I would have liked to see them flush this idea out a bit more actually, as I was wondering if he meant in Rock and Roll or popular music in general....

There were some questions Smith had obtained from the crowd prior to the talk, the most interesting was "What was Rick James Like as a roommate?"  Young laughed and stated, "We were young....and he introduced me to a lot of Pharmies."  This was shocking to me, but thanks to the interwebs, I found out that the two had been in a band together in Toronto around 1966!  Here is a recording of a dope tune they wrote together:

...RtBE's Mind is officially blown.....

Patti talked about how guitars have souls, and Neil agreed and mentioned cars did too.  The duo then talked about their similarites and differences.  Young mentioned, that they both had the same heroes Dylan, The Stones but that, "I am landscapes and prairies and Patti is city blocks and bricks".  A nice way to end a discussion between two spiritual people and a very cool way to spend an afternoon.   
Young and Smith will be on tour this fall and will play MSG on November 27th and RtBE can't wait for that one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Album Review: Dr John - Locked Down

Dr John 
Locked Down
***** out of *****

While The Black Keys have gone on to become one of the biggest bands in the world in 2012, Dan Auerbach’s proudest accomplishment may have nothing to do with the duo but rather with producing a 71 year old Malcolm John "Mac" Rebennack, Jr’s best album of his career with the recent Locked Down.  It is a testament to both Rebennack aka Dr John and Auerbach that the craft and detail that went into this disk sounds effortless, the sounds were always there and they were just waiting for the right time to flow out.

From the swampy crow calls and jangles that start the title track there is a vibrant/alive feel to the proceedings.  "Locked Down" bubbles up with a killer bass line from Nick Movshon while Dr. John's vocals mingle with the mystics in front of the group "ah-ha-ha's" and killer guitar solo from Auerbach. 

The funkiness rolls on down the crooked road with "Getaway" as it flashes by "St. James Infirmary" with it's musical tribute to the past sandwiched around Auerbach's blazing axe work while "Ice Age" contemplates the present over frosty multilayer grooves.  Dr. John's keyboard work is almost as effective as his lyrics on this questioning track that worms it's way into your ears as well as your hips.

The call for "Revolution" comes out over a brutally funky baritone saxophone and snapping drums.  There is a fiery uprising happening underneath all the rhythmic upheaval that makes this track sound dangerous, thankfully the good doctor calms things down advising us to "just pray on it". 

"My Children, My Angels" eases the proceedings, starting with an easy organ intro before gently rising to the heavens for the chorus, a blissful ride before we are brought back to earth via Auerbach's dirty guitar lines.  The juxtaposition and layering on this song (and Locked Down in general) is astounding, lending to multiple listens too discover new sounds and twists presented deep within.     

The triumphant album closing "God's So Good" rejoices in the gospel vibe as Auerbach flashes an Allman Brothers guitar line before backup singers praise the Lord and Dr. John's funky keys flash pure salvation, ending the triumphant album on a joyous note; this release sure is blessed.

Easily a contender for album of the year and the best Dr. John has sounded since Gris-Gris his first release back in 1968, Locked Down is a winning mix of modern day, a fantastic producer/guitar player and a legend who is seemingly reborn here late in life.  Can't hype this one enough, grab it here and keep tabs on the good Dr here.  Below are some samples:

"Locked Down"

"Ice Age"


"My Children, My Angels"

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dylan Cover #48 Liam Clancy "Rambling Gambling Willy/Restless Farewell"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a few live covers by Liam Clancy playing "Rambling Gambling Willy" and "Restless Farewell"

Thoughts on Original:
 Since we took last week off there is a two-fer today with "Rambling Gambling Willy" which is a gorgeous little number about someone I would like to have a beer with before we get "Restless Farewell".  One of Dylan's many tunes based off of a old Irish folk song, this time it is "The Parting Glass".  Lyrics seem bittersweet as time often is, and I always go back to the version he and his crack band played at the Frank Sinatra's 80th Birthday Party, you can see the video here.  I always loved that version, with the added strings, and I am intrigued why he chose to play that song for Frank Sinatra's 80th birthday, when every other performer was doing Sinatra tunes, odd all around.  Far from his sweetest song, but you can sense that Irish longing, behind lines and phrases which makes Liam covering it ideal.    


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
One of the first voices I ever heard sing songs outside of my family was Liam Clancy.  I can remember the 8 tracks stuck in the radio of my fathers car as he sang along with The Clancy Brothers as we drove around.  I love the man and have seen him multiple times here in the states, it is easy to see why he has so many fans in this clip.  His history lesson is as engaging as his songs as he talks about the White Horse Tavern, where I just happened to drink at this St. Patrick's day with Ceez.  Dylan himself is quoted as saying Liam was the "best ballad singer I have ever heard in my life."  What more could you want?!? 
Thoughts on Cover:
Fantastic, stripping the songs down, and letting the voice take over, with some excellent backing flairs, like the Ukelele in "Rest Farewell" and by leaving out the last verse, he takes some of the bitter sting out of the tune.  "Rambling Gambling Willie" is pretty straight ahead and not much is needed to make it special.  When Liam passed in 2009 an epic voice was silenced, videos like this though will always live on and feel alive forever.  Raise a pint and sing along.   
Grade: A

Wilson's Take:

Janasie's Take:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Funday: Transformers Theme, METAL Version

Happy Friday all,

We kick off the weekend with a throwback to our childhoods with the Transformer theme...only this one is a bit different.  Here is the Heavy Metal Version of the Theme as played by RtBE friend Nando Redrum, guitarist for Angelo Diablo

The video was put together by our friend Glen Lorieo.  We reviewed Angelo Diablo's first album back when RtBE were first getting started, check it out here.

Enjoy your weekend all.