Thursday, May 10, 2012

Full North Mississippi All-Star Concerts! Video!

So this is starting to become a pleasant habit.  Early this year it was the Beastie Boys, last year it was Phish, now it is the North Mississippi All-Stars.  A couple of weeks ago we posted our review of the NMAS Brooklyn Bowl show, well while looking for some video we found these two treats.  While not as professionally shot as the Beasties they are still more then listenable.
 The first is from the night before we caught them in April 2012.  Turn your sound up as the volume is low but otherwise the video is fine, you can watch the full show right there:

Part 2

The next is a better video, sound is perfect except again very low volume wise, so turn it up.  Playing a car show?  Sure why not... just looks weird to see big Chew in a tie! 

And the final show is my favorite it is a NMAS Duo show from Amoeba Records in San Fransisco

That enough low down electric blues to keep you happy?  Hope so...If not go here to the internet archives for more North Mississippi All-Stars Free Downloads.  Now that's gotta be enough!

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