Thursday, May 17, 2012

Album Review: No Redeeming Social Value -America's Favorite Hardcore Band EP

No Redeeming Social Value
America's Favorite Hardcore Band
*** out of *****

The irreverent punk rockers from NYC are at it again with an EP aptly titled America's Favorite Hardcore Band.  NRSV have been bringing their brand of upbeat beer soaked punk/hardcore to their fans for a while and this EP continues the trend, blasting in and out in under 9 minutes.

Opener "Superfuntime Party Girl" gets the party started with it's silly female vocals fronting the rapid fire strumming and drumming.  "Life Caught Up" gets serious for a 2 minutes behind John Franko's rumbling bass before flashing a meaty guitar solo from Kent Miller while "U R Here Because U R Drunk" mines familiar territory winningly.

The perfect match of NRSV's style is shown in the groups 2 covers of the Slumlords, their friends from Baltimore.  "Time To Drink" finds Dean Miller putting fourth a vocal that rivals Slumlord's front-man Jeff Perlin as the band slams through this cover.  The gang vocals on the closing "Drunk At The Youth Of Today Reunion" ring loud as the drumming Glen Lorieo adds a pure stomp appeal to this track.  The band continues to do what it does best: drink, rock and not give a fuck, give it a listen if you care about any of that.     
Full disclosure, RtBE are friends with NRSV, and we have talked about them a few times before.  That said it wouldn't change the fact that this EP is awesome.  The disk is worth it alone for the 2 Slumlord covers.  I was lucky enough to catch the band a few months back with Jeff from the Slumlords actually joining on vocals for a few tracks and that was a treat.  You can grab the disk here from Dead City Records, and peep some sample clips below. 

"Superfuntime Party Girl"

Here is the Slumlords original of "Time To Drink"

"Drunk At The Youth Of Today Reunion" Live in

Here is some footage from the band live in Japan 2004:

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