Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glide Interview - No Redeeming Social Value

Got a full length interview up on Glide.

Go and read it right c'here because it will make your frickin' day...

It is with Dean Miller from No Redeeming Social Value...and they kick major arse.

The best thing connected with not writing about music as a full time job is I pretty much get to deal with things I really like or are uber shitty so that I can rip them apart.  Things like this interview are with the first part of that sentence...NRSV is the best hardcore band out there, and as I stated, "The only band that truly matters these days". 

The old bastards have been doing it up proper forever and deserve all the praise and publicity that they can get, so I was more then happy to chat with Dean for the interview. 
For full disclosure I am friends with the band and have been a fan for a long time.  I have known Glen since I came to NYC ages ago and he actually drove me to my first NYHC show (Setback at Castle Heights).  I was already well versed in the hardcore/punk scene and loved a lot of the NYC bands having gone to tons of shows in the Albany area, but I had never been to a show in the city.  That night was super underwhelming, but Glen was the perfect person to enter the scene through and there have been countless great shows and fuzzy nights since.
 The new album is really great, you can grab it here, def worth your hard earned pesos. 
 Here are a couple of videos and songs to pump you up...Thanks to Dean for being a good sport and doing the interview. 

Now quit reading this and go hard-core your lousy ass off.

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