Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Funday - Crazy Heart and some tunes

Had a chance to catch Crazy Heart last night on DVD, one thing that I have lost over life is the time/desire to check out movies in the theater.  I see so many live shows and have other commitments that some things just need to get pushed to the back of the line and going to the movies has been one of those.  Friends told me I would love Crazy Heart when it came out, I thought about seeing it, then forgot, then picked it up the other day and watched it last night.
While it was far from a great movie, I loved the southwestern scenery, the acting and the songs. T-Bone Burnett, Ryan Bingham and the late Stephen Bruton were responsible for the best songs in the film, and they were country gold, standing on their own even without the great Jeff Bridges or Colin Farrell singing them.

I wanted to share a couple of them here:
Jeff, Elvis and T-Bone Live from T-Bone's Speaking Clock Revue in NYC (which I passed on seeing...stupidly)

Here's Ryan Bingham singing the main song from the movie called "The Weary Kind" which he wrote and won an Academy Award for:

Here is a cool video about the origins about this song which really dictates the film:
I've had Bingham's newest release on my hard drive for a few months, hope to review it here soon.

And here is a pretty cool clip that a fan took when Bridges and Farrell came out during a Toby Keith concert to record scenes for the film...a neat look into the shooting of the film:
Never thought I would post anything that had to do with Toby Keith on this site...weird...

One of the things I thought right away when I was watching this flick was that they better have paid Townes Van Zandt a bit of scratch for his life story.  While it was far from exact it was a pretty close follow, and then his song "If I Needed You" popped up in the Air Balloon scene.  This intro and story about where the song comes from is even better:
Crazy Heart was a good watch, Townes life story is an amazing watch, check it out right here for free from Snagfilms when you got some time:
Watch more free documentaries

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