Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glide Review - The Black Crowes Live 11-5-10 Best Buy Theater, NYC

Got a new review up on the old Glide.

Read it Right C'Here!!!

It is of the 11-5-10 Friday Night Black Crowes show at the Best Buy Theater in Times Sq NYC.

First of all I had no idea Best Buy bought the naming rights from Nokia for the old movie theater in Times Sq that has been converted into a concert hall, kind of twisted me did the show.

This was a contender for concert of the year in my book.
(Update:  Scroll to the bottom for links to free rare live recordings from the band)

 That is kind of surprising, while I do like the Crowes, and loved their last album, I am not a major fan (a bunch of songs I needed to look up titles for post show) so when I walked out into times square buzzing I was shocked.  The boys laid it all out there and I am dying to grab a copy of the night to see if really was that epic or all the magic was in the live "had to be there" moments.

Either way, the cover choices were perfect for the group, even "Fearless" from Pink Floyd, which I would not have thought this group of players could pull off.  I know it is a different band, but check out Blue Floyd's version of the tune, that is the vein in which the Corwes covered it...and look ex-Crowe Audley Freed is in the mix:

Their early acoustic working of "No Expectations" from the Rolling Stones was the first time the full band covered this tune, but Chris has been singing it for a bit. 
 Download a great crystal clear version here!
Thanks Don for that tune, I know it is one of your favorites. 

Luther Dickinson was a force of nature and makes me want to try to play slide guitar...While the group goes on break I am def going to give North Mississippi All-Stars another whirl, becuase I was underwhelmed the few times I caught them in the past, but Luther's playing alone is worth a ticket.

Gotta love the "Norwegian Wood" Tease in there...

There were a few original rarities on this night according to Crowebase, the biggest one being "Title Song", tonight's airing was only the 50th time during the bands extensive touring career that they played it live.  It was an emotional rendetion and a joy to here as it is Fatone's favorite tune and he was all smiles.

Amazingly, 2 songs later I got the one song I was hoping and wishing for, my favorite jam of theirs; "Sometimes Salvation".  I think early in his career Chris may have tried too hard to be "authentic" on certain tracks, but this one he nails so perfectly it gets me every time and live was no exception as the crowd exploded when it wailed out.

A perfect encore with 2 fantastic covers of The Band and Little Feat were cherry's on the cupcake of rock and roll this night.  The whole show brought smiles and tons of sing-a-longs from a devoted crowd of older biker looking peeps.  With the devoted fan-base and creative peak they seem to be hitting it is sickening that they are "taking a hiatus".  This kind of magic  doesn't come along too often and it would be a shame if/when they return things weren't the same. Here's hoping they are back, in tact, and on the road again soon. 

After I posted this, I found a great collection of rare live Black Crowe recordings that I wanted to share titled Tall As Can Be.  Click here for Vol 1 and here for Vol 2, thanks to thefrontloader for making these available.

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