Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glide Review - Screaming Females - Castle Talk

Hey all, got a new review up on Glide

Go read it right C'here!!!!!

It is from my new musical crush of a band, Screaming Females.

I have written a lot about them lately, and slapped Power Moves on last years Top Ten List, so I wanted to get them up on Glide with a proper review of their new album. Fans of Dinosaur Jr. (like me) should stop reading now and just go buy the album.  They are the epitome of DIY in the Fugazi vein, and god dam if they don't sound just as good...This album completely smokes...they are going to be huge if they want to...get on board now.

Others that are interested I will post a few videos, and will have actually a whole lot more very shortly on the site from the guitar playing dynamo Marissa Paternoster, so stay tuned.

"I Don't Mind It"

Here is a great Mini-Documentary on this fantastic band...super cool:

Love the cover of "Cortez The Killer"....actually love everything about this band.

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