Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glide Review - Bob Dylan Live 11-23-10, Terminal 5, NYC

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it right c'here!!!

It is of Bob Dylan's live set from Terminal 5 last Tuesday night, and I love the picture Shane and Eric used...CHEECH!

Seems Dylan comes to NYC every Nov/Dec and I will be there every year until he decides to hang it up.  This years show and the ever changing song arraignments were very reminiscent of last years show and successful tour and as no one has left the band why should it change?  The main difference was obviously the venue and I loved seeing Bob in Terminal 5 as opposed to the United Palace.  I could walk there and it was cool seeing him in a club were people had to stand.

The singalong during "Just Like A Woman" was simply crazy and the fact that the version was so good made this an amazing moment for me seeing the legend.  The night was a ton of fun as I got to see it with some of my closest friends from a prime bar spot.  His band was on and alive, Dylan had energy and the setlist was more then you can ask for...a hell of a night.

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