Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jack White Live 5/22/12 Roseland Ballroom, NYC Review
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Got a new review up on Glide

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It is of RtBE man crush Jack White's live show from Tuesday night at Roseland in NYC. 


Really, Wow.  We see a lot of shows every month, and this one outshines most of them dating back a few years.  Jack White is the perfect storm of talent, energy, style, showman, and all around superstar.  This night was a magical journey through his catalog of songs, showcasing just how deep it can go. 

By switching backing bands on each show he is keeping it fresh for himself, while keeping the audience in suspense as too who will play.  I am stoked we got The Peacocks to back him up as the ladies add a different twist to songs, less "rawk" more textures.  Also it needs to be mentioned again, Carla Azar was simply an amazing site/sound/discovery to behold.  Regardless of gender she is one of my favorite drummers now and I am searching back through Autolux's catalog to find more of her work. 

Quick editorial note, I originally opened my review by saying Jack White was a "damn sexy superstar" and editors changed that.  I got no problems with the switch, and none with the original, that man was sexy, I am comfortable saying it.

I talked a ton about the show in my review, so go read it!  You can also listen to the FULL SHOW below, I am not sure how long it stays up on youtube, but Jesus this is awesome...pure Boosh!

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