Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Funday with Kina Grannis and tons of Jelly Beans

A few weeks ago we wrote about Kina Grannis and her cover of "Boots of Spanish Leather".  After that post went up it rang a mini bell, so after some more digging it turns out RtBE had indeed heard of her before.  Our friend Glen sent us a music video that blew our mind last year, but in the noise and stuttering of the internet it slipped out of our ADD head.

It is an amazing video for "In Your Arms" which is a pleasant little song (Kina seems to have a knack for these) that gets completely overshadowed by the oddest of things...Jelly Beans.  It is easily the best music video we have seen in years, peep it:

While the song is good, the video is otherworldly, you should watch the making of it right now:

Pretty unreal and not a bad song/video combo to get this Spring Friday going.

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