Monday, May 21, 2012

Congrats to Chelsea FC, Champions!

What a game this past Saturday, Chelsea FC beat Bayern Munich in a shoot out to win the Champions League Trophy.
After giving up a goal in the 83 minute things looked bleak, but this Chelsea squad is blessed, and RtBE's favorite Didier Drogba's explosive header tied things up in the 88th minute giving Chelsea life, and amping the excitement 10 fold. 
Peter Cech's extra time Penalty save on Robben was just as important as the Blues held on and ended up winning on Penalty kicks after the extra 30 minutes ticked off.  When Drogba sealed the final penalty to win 4-3 on penalties Legends Football Factory exploded with The New York Blues going nuts in celebration. 

Yup, it was a hell of a victory, congrats to all the players, fans, staff and supporters around the globe.  Congrats also to that Russian Owner who wanted this trophy over all the others, now he has it.  KTBFFH!

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