Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Funday Champions League Final

We will be getting back to music stuff and a review of our Jazzfest trip next week, but this weekend is all about the boys in Blue, Chelsea FC.
The Champions League Final is on Saturday and we here at RtBE are adamant Chelsea Supporters.  We have written about the team before, and I am a proud member of the NY Blues, so this Saturday is going to be epic on many fronts.
Worth Every Penny
The Barcelona match was amazing, and the facebook pages that popped up are hysterical, but this is where it all comes down too, on Munich's home pitch no less.  We will be without 4 starters (at least) but their is no fear as the Boys in Blue are destined for this one, against all odds. 
Passing the torch to Ramires
It may be the last game for one of my all time favorite players Didier Drogba, and hopefully he will go out on a high note.  So enjoy the match wherever you are, I certainly will.

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