Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Funday "Don't Blame Shorty For That!"

RtBE favorite Trombone Shorty received a video from a young British fan that he just had to share, and when you click on it you will easily see why, this kid is adorable and sang a great tune....

The song is an obscure "B side" from a 1951 Tampa Red single. Thomas was in fact playing with a more recent recording by The Blues Flagships (Thanks to Baiba Wiggins for the info). Good to see the youngin's around the world showing respect for Troy, I would love to hear  Shorty & Orleans Avenue cover this song.  Turns out the player is Thomas Wiggins, and he has actually met and played with Shorty and the boys before, here is some video of him practicing with them:

Here he is playing on Royal and St. Ann by Jackson Square with some street musicians: 

He also did a fine job covering  the professor of cool Duke Ellington with his take of "Satin Doll":

We will keep our eye on Thomas Wiggins and his trombone skills, hopefully he sticks with it, we will also have more on Shorty when we get back to our Sazerwrap next week, until then enjoy the long weekend.

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