Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full Beastie Boy Concerts! Free Downloads and Video!

Sometimes the Internet is great.  OK, a lot of the time.  In October we came across what we thought was a Youtube oddity, apparently not.
A few weeks back when posting about Dino Jr's new DVD I stumbled across a full concert from the NYC Hip-Hop trio the Beastie Boys from Glasgow in 1999.  RtBE has previously mentioned our high regard for this group but this was something else.   

I was floored, having caught this tour back on 8-24-98 out on Long Island still think of that show as a career highlight for the band.  Touring behind their last (at the time it was just next) classic album Hello Nasty the group was energized anew with electro-beats and funky loops, but there was one huge addition.
Having Mix Master Mike on the turntables amped the groups live set to new heights as he kept them on their toes with unique changes and tunes ("Shimmy Shimmy Ya" in "Sure Shot" is just one example). He still did the best thing I have ever heard with "Tom Sawyer", and that includes whatever Rush does to it...Enough chatter though, thanks to siamesepuppy you can now watch a show from later in that tour in all it's frantic energy below:

Think that is all?  Not Even Close!  While doing a bit of research I found an amazing site that offers free Beastie Bootlegs to fans, insane!  So I can relive the 8-24-1998 show that I loved, you can get audio from this kick ass Glasgow performance or anything else you want...This site is truly a treasure trove for fans, Boosh!

And just to continue on this huge Beastie kick, how about another FULL concert on Youtube, this one from their more recent 2007 Tour when they played the Exit Festival in Serbia...Un-fucking-real.  Thanks to  Luda Zena1228 for posting:

Wow that is a lot to of luck tackle all that goodness this weekend.

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