Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Phish Show? Shh...Get in Here and check this out!

Quick back story last year I didn't produce a separate post of my favorite shows from 2010, (this year I am so, put down those flaming torches) I am not sure how or why, but one that was certainly in the running was Phish's 12-30-10 show that was simply rocking at MSG.
So imagine when my surprise when I noticed THE FULL SHOW professionally shot and cued up to the soundboard recording just hanging out on youtube...pure Boosh!
This is a Columbus Day Miracle!!!  The energy is just as high as I remember it being and the playing is super tight.  Strap in, grab a beverage and enjoy 2 sets of pumped up Phish:

Set 1:
Cities, Chalkdust, Gumbo, Quinn the Eskimo, Halley's Comet > Camelwalk, Maze, Driver, Gin, Fat Man in the Bathtub, Timber Ho, Golgi, Zero

Set 2, complete with Jennifer Dance's Pump Fake Opener
Tweezer > Light > Theme from the Bottom > My Friend My Friend > Axilla, Fluffhead > Boogie On > 2001 > Suzy

Thanks uploader, skriddler, you are the man or woman!

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