Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Duane Allman's Guitar Rides Again!

From the fantastic Scott Bernstein over at Hidden Track comes this nice little tid-bit...Seems Nels Cline played Duane Allman's 1957 Les Paul Gold Top when Wilco recently played Georgia
While I am not the biggest Nels fan I recognize a pretty cool move when I see one...Well played Nels, as you can hear from the song that Scott posted. 

I will contribute some of Skydog's amazing playing from over the year to warm the ears on this breezy Wednesday:
"Loan Me A Dime" with Boz Scaggs.  The blues here is thick as a brick...dive in, if you have never had the pleasure of haering this one get ready.

"Toe Hold" yup that's Duane backing up Wilson Pickett

And we will finish it off (how else) but with The Allman Brothers and a rare chance to actually see the man play my favorite tune that they do..."Whipping Post"

God dam that boy could play....keep flying high Skydog!


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