Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old Age Punks?

Just saw this picture and got a real kick out of it...
Got me laughing how we all get old, but some people stay true...then again I am pretty sure Henry Rollins is the voice of some car company, but whatever, he kicked ass on Sons of Anarchy, so his choices lately are still pretty good. 

I have written about both of these guys before, and hold them both in high regard, so the picture hit home...made me want to listen to them both, so I figured I would share some tunes on this Saturday...enjoy.

This is currently my favorite Fugazi is taken from the amazing Instrument and is "Shut the Door" flat out smokes...I can listen to this version of this tune everyday...

Now one from Rollins...back in his Black Flag days..."Rise Above"

An old one from Ian, here is "Out of Step" Live
and we will tie it up in a nice neat bow with Rollins doing what he does best...talking.  In this case he is briefly letting peeps in on Ian and Fugazi's straightedge stance:

Aiight, until we meet again...

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