Thursday, October 13, 2011

Phish Plan to End 2011 Proper

Just this weekend I found one of my favorite shows from last year online and now this:

NYC + NYE + Phish ='s BOOSH!

So I passed on catching Phish so far in 2011.  There were lots of reasons, but it mainly boils down to I am not nearly as enamored with version 3.0 of the band as I was of 1.0 or 2.0 (I know I am probably in the minority with the 2.0, but I dug that era immensely).

All that said, one reason I held out was I love seeing the band in MSG more then any other arena out there and the combo of NYE+NYC and Phish is pretty much perfect.

("Harpua" from the 1997 NYE run which ranks as one of my personal favorite tours of the band, just check out this "Tube" from 12-29 a show that I was at)

Getting a chance to catch up with old friends, see people from tours long gone, and being in my home city all help, but the real magic lies in the band's playing when they are on that particular stage.  I have traveled across the country to see them in the past and no other venue gets the boys as juiced as MSG.
("Ghost" from 12/31/2010)

So it is with much joy that I read this AM that Phish will be doing another NYE run at the Garden.  4 nights, 28-31 so grab your tickets now.  I am looking at 29 or 30th at this point, but open for all.  Get in there, and have a good show, maybe I will see you at Billymarks pre and post, partyin' it up, best of luck getting good seats.

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