Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Voodoo Experience Artist Showcase: Cheeky Blakk

Rock The Body Electric will be covering this years Voodoo Experience.  Leading up to the event we will be showcasing some of the acts who are playing the show, today the spotlight shines on: Cheeky Blakk

Cheeky plays on Friday October 28th at 11:30 am on Le Carnival Stage
She will also be involved in the New Orleans Azztravaganza on Sat at 5pm on Le Carnival 
Twisting into the world of hip hop and NOLA Bounce music we have the reigning Queen on the scene with this preview, Cheeky Blakk.  Cheeky is the Queen of Bounce, this powerhouse of get down rhymes and ass shaking bounce has been all over the NOLA bounce scene and really is Southern Royalty making a strong case to be an artist that is not missed at this years festival regardless of her early set time.   

Cheeky, born Angela Sherrie Woods is a New Orleans lifer having been born and raised in the cities 9th Ward District.  Cheeky's first hit was the club classic "Twerk Something" which still gets the ass shaking in the southern clubs when it comes on...a bounce club classic:

The track is bumping and Cheeky has always been empowering to her female fans getting them not only moving and shaking at every possible moment, but singing female positive rhymes in the club in her own style and being an all around force of nature.  On "Lemme Get That Outcha" her tongue is slipping all over her fast beats:

She has worked with a slew of producers in the past include Mannie Fresh, but perhaps her biggest national exposure to date came last year when she guested on Galactic's fantastic snapshot of current day New Orleans Music Ya-Ka-May.  Cheeky almost stole the show with her raucous "Do It Again!"

Bounce music in New Orleans is fascinating with it's gender blurring, repetitive beats and hip-hop beefs there really can be a whole case study done on the scene and its intriguing layers.  In fact it is just one more musical divergence that is purely NOLA and goes to prove that city still has so much musically to offer the rest of this country.  Cheeky Blakk the Queen of Bounce...don't miss her.  

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