Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 Voodoo Experience Band Showcase: Morning 40 Federation

Rock The Body Electric will be covering this years Voodoo Experience.  Leading up to the event we will be showcasing some of the acts who are playing the show, now the spotlight shines on: Morning 40 Federation

Morning 40 Federation will be playing @ 3:15 at Le Carnival Bingo! Parlor.  

The band of marauders known as the Morning 40 Federation are a perfect example of the mystical power of the Voodoo Experience.  The band is no longer, but rises like revived Zombies every Halloween as the group reunites for a special concert.  The band is drawn to the fest like a drunk to a free shot...and that is something else this group knows about....

The group was legendary for their insane live sets at the beginning of the 00's becoming a must see live act in NOLA and one that would routinely sell out, party all night and end in a mix of sweat, liquor and mayhem.  Their were mainstays until 09 when they played their last show during Mardi Gras:

RtBE first got turned on to the group back in 02 or 03 (the years blur together) when we went to the quarter to celebrate Halloween, some insane costumes were in tow that year, but what stood out the most from that trip was catching Morning 40 Federation at One Eyed Jack's.  The band was on fire and the crowd was lapping up every minute, they played all night and we hung with the band post and then drank with the rising sun.  It was a trip as is the band:

We caught up again with them in NYC when they played one of the dirtiest bars in Manhattan (it was closed down shortly after they played) for a friends book release party.  The group does it's best to contain the mayhem and put out horn drenched funk-outs and break down/get down jams all behind lyrical yammering and howling. 

The cocktails and other things will be in full effect on  Sunday afternoon as the band takes the stage.  It is pure Boosh to catch the fellas when they are playing, and an even bigger one when it is this haunted time of year...their set is not to be missed.

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