Monday, October 3, 2011

Dylan Cover #27 Ogata Kazuhiko "When He Returns"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Ogata Kazuhiko performing "When He Reutrns"  

Thoughts on Dylan Original:
Closing out Bob's first "Jesus" album Slow Train Coming, this tune packs quite a punch and foreshadows Bob's next two releases.  Dylan uses his voice alone with a proud piano, a contrast from the rest of the album and the effect is powerful; the tune is a stark closer and very ominous.  There is no doubting Dylan's belief, but his tone seems to be more cryptic then upbeat and jubilant (Something which makes Slow Train Coming his best "Religious" release), all though He will bring peace, we may not all like it when He comes back...a bit of that "Fire and Brimstone" which makes a preacher really hit home...  


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Ogata Kazuhiko has uploaded a ton of Dylan covers to his youtube channel and it is interesting to hear any one dealing with translation and Dylan's songs, especially someone who does it solo.  The language barrier proves no hurdle for Kazuhiko as the emotion comes through loud and clear.  In fact I think it would be really cool to hear him sing some of the Dylan songs he obviously loves in Japanese, not sure how it would work, but it would be fun listen.    

Thoughts on Cover
I listened to a few of his covers before choosing this one to present this week, because there is no doubting that the vibe is captured perfectly here.  His heart is in it and the presentation is upbeat and searching, I have no idea Ogata's religious belief's but he translated Bob's Jesus mood perfectly to the stage of this live locale.  Taking the song from solo piano to solo guitar isn't a major jump, and if anything Kazuhiko stays even more upbeat then Bob does in the original, which sounds a bit more lost and searching then hopeful, an emotion that is clearly injected into this cover.  A very good version of a very spiritual song.

Grade: B 

Wilson's Take:

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