Friday, October 14, 2011

Glide Review - Trombone Shorty -For True

Howdy Peoples!

Got a new review over with my friends @ Glide. 

Read it right C'HERE!!!

It is of the fantastic Trombone Shorty's newest album For True.

I have been a mega fan of Shorty's after being blown away by his set back at Jazzfest in '08.  I have seen him a bunch and written about him almost as much, simply put I can not recommend his music highly enough.

Go see him live as often as you can you will not be disappointed, I promise you.

All that said this album seems to be a natural extension of his last release, Backatown, in fact it is almost the same thing, high praise, since his last album was really top shelf.  The man seems to have an endless supply of fantastic instrumentals and the unique ability to get the hips shaking from the first notes he blows.  Some bigger and badder guests arrive to help out, his star is certainly rising around the popular music scene, which is dope, but I think it should soar even faster. 

I wrote a different ending to this review then switched it up, I originally compared Trombone to another phenom, Robert Randolph.  I think both are very similar at they are masters of instruments not always seen in mainstream music (especially these days) but both are ungodly talented doing what they do.  Randolph has been around the national scene longer, but they both lack that one break-out hit.

I also used Santana as an example, super guitar player, amazing backing band (The Family Band for Randolph, Orleans Ave for Shorty) but he was just another gifted San Fran player until his cover of the great Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va" hit the ears making his career.

All are such great musicians, but with the younger two aren't great song writers yet, and Santana has never been, his Supernatural album gave him a late career (and financial) boost that made him a household name.  Not being great song writers doesn't take away from their music in the slightest, but the energy and passion Shorty and Randolph display makes you want them to be bigger then they actually are.

Sure, it is fun to see them in small venues, but the world should be privy to these virtuoso's not just fans in the know.  Anyway, that critical third album is next for Troy, lets hope he explodes to bigger and better heights.  Until then, enjoy the music, it is virtually impossible not too...   

"Do To Me" That solo at 1:55 (and stays until the end) is Jeff Beck, even though he ain't in the vid...

"The Craziest Things" Live on Jools Holland

"Dumaine St." "Lagniappe" and "Do To Me" live at NPR Tiny Desk Concert

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