Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Voodoo Experience Band Showcase: Soul Rebels Brass Band

Rock The Body Electric will be covering this years Voodoo Experience.  Leading up to the event we will be showcasing some of the acts who are playing the show, next the spotlight shines on: The Soul Rebels Brass Band.

The Soul Rebels Brass Band with Special Guest Cyril Neville will be playing Saturday 10/29 on the Bud Light/WWOZ Stage at 1:45 PM
In the crowded land of New Orleans Brass Bands, The Soul Rebels Brass Band manage to stand out with one foot in tradition and another in the future. The band was started by Lumar LeBlanc and Derrick Moss who wanted to combine their traditionalist style with the new beats and rhythms of the era.  The group has consistently melded funk, hip-hop, rock and roll with the early foundations of Brass Band music.  Never wanting to disrespect the past the band really wanted to make it's mark in the current scene and does so via covers, hip-hp vibes and vocals, a part of the music not normally found on traditional Brass Bands.  

It is virtual impossible not to start dancing when the band gets it's mojo flowing.  The group is legendary for it's live act, having a residency Thursday nights at the uptown at Le Bon Temps Roule that attracts stars and locals alike.  Last Jazzfest RtBE had the privilege of attending their post fest show in the uptown juke joint which packed the house beyond capacity; dancing wasn't an option, but drinking, sweating and having a good time certainly was. 

The band is world renowned, but NOLA will always be home and getting a chance to play with the man who gave them their name, Cyril Neville is going to be a "Crazy" at this years Voodoo Experience. 

The group has even made available a special free EP to it's fans right here:

just dig on their cover of "Sweet Dreams" for a hot minute, I guarantee you will start shimmying in your desk chair... and we will see you dancing at their set this Voodoo Fest.

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