Monday, March 5, 2012

Dylan Cover #39 Henry Lim "Red River Shore"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Henry Lim and The Camarade Quartet doing "Red River Shore"

Thoughts on Dylan Original:
 Recorded for Time Out of Mind, only Dylan himself knows why it didn't make the final cut for the album.  It was officially released on Tell Tale Signs and is a disk highlight.  Lazy and wandering it has a good feel to it.  The legendary Jim Dickinson said when it was recorded that it was "the best song there was from the session."  Coming from a man like him and an album like that, it speaks volumes.  


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I had not heard of Henry Lim before stumbling upon this excellent cover, but after doing a quick search and finding his homepage I may have to start paying a bit of attention to him.  A music library staff member who is playing a full string version Bossanova from The Pixies live this April?!  Yup, that is someone I could get down with, to bad I can't make the show out in LA, but I will definitely be checking youtube for clips.  

Thoughts on Cover:
Well thought out and constructed this version is a joy.  Nothing mind blowing in the arrangements, all though the plucking cello is a really nice touch that pops up.  The singing of Lim is rich and string vibrations are true.  An excellent way to hear this tune.

Grade B

Wilsons Take:

Janasie's Take:
Tell Tale Signs was a real treat, covering material that spans the length of the last great period in Dylan's career (until the next one).  "Red River Shore" was absolutely one of the highlights.  I had never heard this version before, but I really enjoyed it.  Maybe as much as the original, which is saying a lot.  Henry Lim has captured the spirit of the song and I loved the string arrangement.  Wish I had been in that room, seems like a cozy little spot.

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