Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glide Review - Craig Finn - Live 3-8-12 Music Hall of Williamsburg


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Got a new review up over on Glide

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It is of Craig Finn's solo show from 3-8-12 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

What was initially shocking was the lack of bodies in the venue.  The house was barely populated and the upstairs was completely closed off.  Finn played a few shows in town leading up to this one, but a Thursday night in Williamsburg?  I thought for certain would bring out a crowd and that simply wasn't the case. 

The Hold Steady are an RtBE favorite and Finn is major reason why, what is interesting however on his solo album and even more so in the live setting isn't Finn's songwriting that shines bright it is the lack of an upbeat backing band that feels lacking. 

The absence of Tad Kubler's massive arena riffs and upbeat low end from the band seems a little jarring even for Finn who still oddly gyrates on stage but over much tuned down tunes.  Finns songs are great, maybe not his best ever, certainly enjoyable, but the over the top rock that redeems his bleak tales is no where to be found. 

The backing Some Guns on this tour are suitable musicians but the energy level is a 4 at best compared to a Hold Steady show even on a off night which is the 8-10 range.  What pleased me the most during this concert was when Finn left all the backing aside like on the new "Dennis and Billy", the fact it was about 2 upstate boys didn't hurt either.  His song writing completely rings honest with me and that is high praise, so I enjoyed the show, but it was obvious not everyone in the crowd was in the mood for this type of show.

Oh and the less said about the opening front man from Virgin Forest, the better...instead here are a few videos from Finn's Stop in Brooklyn on this tour:

"Balcony"  And yes that is RtBE yelling out "Amen"

"New Friend Jesus"

From a different show, here is the earlier mentioned "Dennis and Billy":

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