Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Album Review- Angelo Diablo Self Titled

This is going to be the first review I am posting directly to Rock the Body Electric, in the Overflow Review Series. For various reasons these past reviews were not published anywhere else. I am tagging them as "Overflow Reviews" and may add some extra information before or after if needed but will keep the ratings and reviews just as I originally wrote them.

Angelo Diablo
Angelo Diablo
*** and ½ (out of 5)

The Angel, the Devil, the same. Lucifer, the fallen angel, smolders among the embers and along the fringes of this self-titled release and the holy/horror mix produces a triumphant debut. Gorgeously grotesque lyrics uttered in a Waits-fueled vocal by Nick Reis paint lurid pictures; but when paired with the euphoric guitar strumming and rising drums, a sliver of redemption is birthed and grows as the record progresses.

Both “Dead” and “What a Wonder” begin in bleakness but end with lyrical and musical pleas for the listener to embrace life. “Lullabye” and the heart felt Spanish turn in “Joaquinito” show a tender side before the dirty uncle shows up to make a pass at your kid sister with “Ice Cream” and the straight out, no fucking around of “I Wanna”.

The Devil is always present, but who among us is truly beyond redemption? Angelo Diablo occupies both worlds at the same time and so do we – which is precisely why this album works so well.

Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/angelodiablo1 Disk available at http://www.cdbaby.com

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What A Wonder- Angelo Diablo Self Titled

Extra Info:
So I am very proud to post this review as the first of the "Overflow Reviews" as it is one of the main reasons I was inspired to start this blog, there is so much good stuff out there that might not get brought to light and it is fun to be able to try to help in some way. Full disclosure, I am friends with this band, but that would never influence the Rating or the review, if anything I think I would be more critical on friends as I know they are tough as hell.

Just so happens Angelo Diablos music is great and they are worth checking out, they just started a Facebook page right here, so stay up to date.

Pics and a Video from one of Angelo Diablo's Recent shows are coming and I hear a new album is in the works so stay tuned to Rock The Body Electric for more from these guys.

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