Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glide Review- Monsters of Folk

Hey There,

My newest review is posted over on Glide.

It is of the Monsters of Folk Self Titled release.

Check it out here!

Some more feelings on the album and a sample music clip or two after the jump.
I'm not going to lie, this album surprised me greatly.  I have been souring a tad lately on Yimmy Yames or whatever he is going by today, never been a fan of Mike Mogis or Connor Oberst Bright Eyes work, and M. Ward was an artist who I just haven't heard a ton of yet.  All that said, this effort is really well done.  I don't like the opener but after that there are no bad tracks to be found.  I don't have a burning desire to see them live on the 6th or the 8th of Nov, as I doubt much will be added to these tunes in the live setting, but I will go back to this disk in the future to hear some sweet singing.

Friends of mine who were really looking forward to this seem to be let down, others who weren't seem to be pleasantly surprised, so maybe this is a case of expectations, and an album that took a long time to actually get here.  Whatever the case may be I didn't think I would have liked it nearly as much as I did.  Here are a couple of more tracks off it that I dig, but the whole album is worth seeking out, feel free to log into for free and listen to the full thing.

Man Named Truth (album) - Monsters Of Folk

Temazcal (album) - Monsters Of Folk

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