Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newest Review Posted on Glide

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My newest review is up on GlideMagazine.com

It is Brendan Benson's newest Solo release My Old, Familiar Friend.

Check it out here!

Some more feelings on the album and a sample music clip or two after the jump.
My feelings on Brendan Benson are mixed.  I need to mention how much I fricking love The Raconteurs.  I think Consoleurs of the Lonely is one of the best pure Rock albums to come out since 2000 and live they are a behemoth.

Cellphone picture taken at Jazzfest of The Raconteurs:

Cellphone Picture taken at Terminal 5:

They have it all, and I would love to be a fly on the wall during the recording process.  It took me a while to fall completely in love with Jackie White (man-crush now totally complete) and I think the rhythm section of the group is their secret weapon (especially Live), and Benson adds the sheen and pop gloss.  This is just an outsiders guess of the situation though, I could be totally wrong.   

When I hear Benson on his own, I think there is something missing and his music really doesn't grab me personally.  I think he has all the talent, but comes across as such a whiny drag that usually half way into an album I am done.  I also don't feel like he goes out to make full albums, it seems like he is searching for that one huge hit and then pads things.

Anyway, not much more to say, check out the samples below (log-in to Imeem.com for free to hear the whole song)  I think these two are the best tracks here.  Feel free to voice your opinion on the matter, and thanks for stopping by...

Borrow - Brendan Benson

Lesson Learned - Brendan Benson

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