Monday, October 19, 2009

The Grateful Dead are King Kong

A few weeks ago I DVR'd a documentary called I'm King Kong! The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper.  I watched it recently and became completely fascinated by Merian C. Cooper's life, you couldn't make-up a character like he supposedly was.  His most famous work was obviously King Kong:

Music, videos, Pictures of a Tye-dyed Empire State Building and connecting the mythical great ape to the Sunshine Serenader's after the jump

For my money the original (minus the overtly racist native scenes) is still better then Peter Jackson's version, for the T-Rex-Kong fight scene alone, it is amazing this kind of animation was done in 1933:

The playing with the dead animals jaw at the end is the ultimate exclamation point, adding so much depth to the scene, perfect.

Cooper was a multilayer man who was involved in every major event that occured in the world during his life time...he just had to do!

Now a Multilayer Band will be flashing up exactly where Kong climbed to his doomed fate.  Tonight the Grateful Dead will have a tribute paid to them up on the Empire State Building, from Glide:

The Grateful Dead will be honored in New York City this Monday, October 19 when the Empire State Building is lit up with special tie-dye colors celebrating the group’s appearance in the city later that week.  The color scheme will represent the group’s iconic imagery and psychedelic influences.

Pretty Cool, Gothamist put up some really cool Pics, I will steal one here, but check them all out over there.:

(Photo by Peter Sang, who says "all in-camera zooms/not Photoshopped effects" Via Gothamist)

Needless to say, I can't wait to check this out some time in the spring time next year.  

For now enjoy some tunes from the boys when they played the greatest city in the world:
Franklins Tower from Halloween 1980:

Acoustic Cassidy from the NBC Studios

And from the Internet Archives, an Oldie from way back in 1969 from Flushing Meadows Park, I love this Dire Wolf in particular...King Kong, don't murder me!

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