Friday, October 9, 2009


So welcome to Rock The Body Electric, thanks for checking out my one room apartment right off a busy exit ramp of the information superhighway. Some friends and I will be using this terrain to post various thoughts and views on all aspects of life, culture and various happenings.

For now there is no set structure, but I will be focusing on mostly musical topics. I currently am a New York City based Staff Writer at and have contributed over 150 columns, reviews and interviews for various other websites and print magazines…but there is always more, and I will use this blog to post the overflow and make things a bit less formal and a bit more personal with pictures, interviews and other random ramblings. Friends (who also happen to be excellent writers) will pop up time to time to express thoughts whims and mental flings so it shall be an excursion of epic proportions, or at least a way to waste some minutes during the day.

The name of the blog is a tribute to the great Walt Whitman who was a New York City boy and a lover of all humanity, from the White House to the Out House. He was a keen observer who had a way of crafting such beautiful writing that it somehow still feels fresh over a century later. He tapped into the American Spirit and while we hope to do justice to the Good Gray Poet, just about anything we produce should be a trip.

Enjoy, Comment, Contribute, Get Fired Up, and again Welcome.


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