Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures From Primus and Golog Bordello @ Williamsburg Waterfront 7-30-10

Here are some pics from the Williamsburg Waterfront show we hit up Friday night to catch Gogol Bordello open for Primus.  The night was simple GORGEOUS out in Bkyln, clear skies, 80 degrees, great tunes, amazing views of the city, a quick trip out from the 212 (thanks Glen), Brooklyn Brewery providing the libations, couldn't ask for much more.

Primus is in my top 5 for favorite bands of all time, and I enjoyed the hell out of this show, much more then the last time I saw them.  Late night we kept it hardcore, catching No Redeeming Social Value rip it up at Thrash Bar.  The battery on my camera was dying so I didn't get a ton of Pics (none of NRSV, next time fellas), but below are some (click on them to expand), the Primus setlist, some videos and a review will probably be coming up on Glide if I ever get around to writing it...
Set List:
Pudding Time
Here Come the Bastards
Golden Boy
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Over the Falls
Sgt. Baker
American Life
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Over the Electric Grapevine
Drum and Whamola Jam
Harold of the Rocks

Southbound Pachyderm
Tommy the Cat > The Awakening > Tommy the Cat

 Video of Gogol Bordello playing "Start Wearing Purple"

Thanks to maestro416 for the video

Here's Primus playing the end of "Harold of the Rocks" and "Southbound Pachyderm" (which starts at 3:39)

Thanks to ChurningtheMaelstrom for the video.

It's to bad my camera was dead for NRSV, because they killed it, tearing up the place.  No video or pics, but lots of brew and I did manage to dance it up to my favorite song of theirs, "No Regrets", here they are performing it @ CBGB's back in the day :

Gets me fired up everytime....

As always you should support all of of these groups as they deserve it.  Only a couple of more hours until The Dead Weather.

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