Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dead Weather and Harlem 8-3-10 Prospect Park, Bklyn. Pictures and Video.

Caught The Dead Weather last night (with opener Harlem) out in the BK with Kel, and man those leather dressed cats can kill it.  Their blend of Metal/Blues/Dark Funk is awesome live, gets you moving....Took a bunch of Video and Pictures, will be posting them here and a review will go up on Glide in the up coming days/week... (Click on Pics the magically enlarge!)

Here are some pics of the opener, Harlem:
Now on to the main course, I got a bunch of varying quality, enjoy...THE DEAD WEATHER:

 Around this point, Jack White introduced the band and proceeded to rip on Alison Mosshart, calling her Baby Ruthless, and this great line, "She's white as fuck, we are talking Trucker Hats, smoking Parliaments and tattoos of stars on her wrists."  He also pump faked a Jay-Z introduction (don't fuck with me like that Jackie Boy!) and bust on Brooklyn Vegan, inviting any vegans on stage to kill a cow with him and eat it, he brought out a crew member with a huge beard saying, "You think this man is a vegan?!"  Funny schtick, tried to grab some shots of that:
Now back to the show:

As I mentioned I will have more Videos and a review up shortly...all the I need a couple of nights to rest after that whirlwind of GREAT music.  

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