Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Editorial - Mosque opponents are spreading bigotry -

Mi amigo Eben Carle has written another excellent opinion piece over at the Daily Caller.

Read it right C'HERE!

I posted his writing on the NOLA incompetence here but I think today's piece is even better.  He is not only a friend, but one of my favorite writers in any field and I think this is the best piece he has written for the Caller yet; they are lucky to have him. 

It is a passionate topic for Mr. Carle like a lot of people, but I for one feel he expresses himself elegantly and straight up proper.  Forget the fact I agree with him wholeheartedly, he makes his case and the idiots making comments are laughable...and if they knew him and his political history might take a step back and examine themselves a bit.

Besides as I said before, how can you not trust this guy:
 He loves Dylan and The Lips...and Ireland!!!

That was a hell of a trip, we should have stayed for that show...Anyhow, what ever your beliefs are, have a great weekend....

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