Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun Day - Heavy Metal Baghdad

Happy Friday people's, today isn't so much fun as informative Friday...but you know once you start a facking theme....

Anyway, I caught a pretty engaging documentary this week over at the excellent site Snag Films, it was called Heavy Metal in Baghdad and it chronicles "the only Heavy Metal band from Baghdad".  The peeps over at Vice Magazine were instrumental in making it and the film was worth watching IMO, below is a preview:
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You can watch the whole thing for free (no guilt) over here.

Also this NY Times follow up article is worth a read after you have seen the film...or if you are too lazy to watch it.

I maybe spoiling a bit of the ending of the film, but the band they follow and love, Acrassicauda, is playing Bowery Electric on Sunday and I hope to swing down and catch their set.  You should live music is good for the soul.

All though I must admit Sunday's plans do depend on much fun I have catching and reviewing Dax Riggs late Saturday night at Mercury Lounge, and watching  Chelsea start it's title defense with it's opening match of the season (Community Shield doesn't count) along with my fellow NY Blues down at Nevada Smiths.   

 Enjoy the weekend and maybe I will catch you out and about....

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