Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glide Review - Dax Riggs - Live 8-14-10 Mercury Lounge, NYC

Got a New Review up over at Glide

Read it right C'HERE!

It is of Dax Rigg's live set late on 8/14/10 from the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

The show was good, if a bit short for my liking and most of the crowd's, but there is something about this artist that draws me back every time...Oh I know what it is, his voice. 

 In a review I did on his live set from 2007 I wrote that:

"His dramatic voice is something to behold: a blender mix of Trent Reznor, Jim Morrison Jeff Buckley, Syd Barrett, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Peter Steele, and Roy Orbison poured into a hurricane glass.  There is a Cajun ghost of enchanted charisma floating around the stage when he performs - gothic soul incarnate."  
When I was writing this most recent review I thought of that and nothing has changed, it is glorious.  What I wish would change would be his song writing.  I haven't spent much time with his newest album (I will probably review it soon) but I was simply hoping for a bit of light to be shed onto his dark words.  Don't get me wrong, I love death metal and Dax's first band Acid Bath immensely, it is just that he has such potential and I believe variety in his lyrics and writing style is needed to fully achieve that.  

Then again who am I?  If he feels successful writing in this realm, and he obviously does, why should he expand his style?  I will still go see him every time he comes to town and will grab all his albums because that voice keeps bringing me back like a desirable smell or feel.  

Glide posted a video of the opener (all though I think it is from Sunday Night) so I will post a couple of different tunes below for you to get a feel, but def grab an album or see him live when he comes to your town:
Here is the bands cover of "Death Don't Have No Mercy":

A fan made video of a great tune of his "Waking Up Insane":

Another fan made video of one of my favorites from his last album, "Radiation Blues":

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