Monday, June 18, 2012

Dylan Cover #49 Ani DiFranco "Hurricane"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by Ani DiFranco playing "Hurricane"

Thoughts on Original:
One of the most iconic songs in Bob Dylan's repertoire and famously returned him to "topical" song writing that many of his fans clamored for.  Coming on the story song centric album Desire, the song and attached cause obviously invigorated Dylan at a crucial point in his life, and gave us the cool term "pig circus" to boot.  You can argue the facts and the case if you want to but simply as a work of art "Hurricane" holds a title belt.    

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I have never really given Ani DiFranco a serious listen, I have heard her in passing, but don't own any of her albums or really even know any of her hits.  This is probably a fault of mine. 

Thoughts on Cover:
If you are going to cover one of the most instantly recognizable songs in rock and roll history, you better put your own stamp on it...and Ani does just that.  Her breathy vocals mixed with the sparse drumming, electronic flairs, funky keyboards and wah-wah guitar that washes away into the corners of your ears make this an exciting ride.  This is a really adventurous cover, and whenever an artist takes a chance and it works it should be rewarded, no matter what you think of DiFranco, you deserve to give this one a listen:

Grade: A

Wilson's Take:

Janasie's Take:

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