Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Funday Venture Brothers Music...Live

Well the other night I was a bit bored and checked in on one of my favorite TV creators blogs.  Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) posted J.G. Thirwell's live video from his Celebrate Brooklyn show last year.  JG does the music for one of the best shows on TV in any format...the one Jackson created, The Venture Brothers!
If you have never seen the show, pick up the first season on DVD and get into it, things only get better once you have entered this universe of quirky characters and grown up boy adventurers.  The writing is amazing, the stories get more intricate and engaging (not to mention hysterical) with each season and now we got word that more is on the way... 

Getting to excited and forgetting why this post is happening though, check out JG's group Steroid Maximus run through a medley of Venture tunes...some great orchestrated arraignments, peep it:

Steroid Maximus_Venture Bros Medley from JG Thirlwell

We got,  “Fumblestealth”, “Bolly” and “No Vacancy (Venture Bros Theme)” in the medley and it is fun shiz.  Gawker calls it a "tiki-bar-meets-secret-lair soundtrack" and while that's pretty spot on, I think more James Bond on speedy Ecstasy is fitting.  You get the drift...below is one more video from the show, another Venture tune, titled "Gawker"...

Steroid Maximus_Gawker from JG Thirlwell

All this makes me proud to be drinking out of my Sgt. Hatred Water Bottle while I write this...Enjoy yer weekend everyone.

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