Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glide Review - Beans - End It All

Hey peoples.  Got a new Review up on Glide

Check it out right c'here!!!

It is of the Rapper Beans newest release, End It All.

This was an interesting album to review.  On one hand it is far from standard run of the mill hip-hop that takes the same beat and does it to death, yet just being unique doesn't instantly make you good.

For some reason typing that made me think of the movie The Game with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.  I remember being told that it was "totally different then any movie out" and I should watch it.  I did, and I did not care for Mr. Horse: 

Beans has obvious talent and End It All is worth listening to once (I liked it much better then The Game turd of a flick, sorry Fincher, but I loved me some Fight Club, so we cool).  The 2 star guideline says this: 

2 STARS:  ehh...its got a couple of good tracks, but it'll spend more time on the shelf than in your player

Pretty much sums it up...

Some tracks from Beans End It All:
"Air is Free"


"Mellow Out"

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