Monday, April 4, 2011

Dylan Cover #9 - KT Tunstall "Simple Twist of Fate" Live

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune comes from KT Tunstall and is a live cover of "Simple Twist of Fate"
Thoughts on Dylan's Original: Well the classics just keep coming in this series, with "Simple Twist of Fate" what a gem of a song.  Impeccable lyrics gorgeous phrasing, just a great great song that is hard not to enjoy.
Thoughts on Cover Artist:  The first time I heard KT Tunstall was on a sampler CD that I got with some magazine, I forgot which one at this point, but it was her biggest hit of a song, "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree".  When I first heard it I was impressed, by her song writing, singing and performance, while I haven't dove in to anything else she has produced it is obvious she is talented. 

Thoughts on Cover: This is a really touching cover, delicate in nature.  Minimal background accompaniment, with stand up bass and harmonica, Tunstall puts her light touch on the tremendous tune and still pays respect to the original.  While it might not be holy original it is certainly satisfying.   
Grade: B

Wilson's Take:
KT Tunstall's performance of "Simple Twist of Fate" smacks of Jewel circa 1998.
Perhaps the videographer's playing tricks, maybe the YouTube feed is grainy this evening, but one could be forgiven for squinting at the screen amid the belief that someone kidnapped Jewel, dyed her blonde locks auburn and released her onto the stage as KT Tunstall. The lyrics of "Simple Twist of Fate", as sung here, could easily be replaced with "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Foolish Games" or any of the ballads from the female crooner who made the snaggle-tooth sexy. This delivers us back to a time when Jewel exported erections across America with sultry videos and smoky, coquetish ballads on cigarettes, coffee and life's anything-but-simple pleasures. Be that as it may (or may not), KT Tunstall offers a fine cover of "Simple Twist of Fate" - but it leaves the viewer (or at least this viewer) wondering what Jewel's up to these days. (according to wikipedia, living on a 2,200 acre ranch in Texas with a cowboy).

As if cowboy's didn't already have it all...

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