Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYPL Blog Post - Trombone Shorty Backatown

Ok, wrapping up my NOLA Jazzfest Preview for 2011 on NYPL's Blogs so give the last one a gander:

You can check out all of my posts on NYPL Blogs right C'here, hope to have more up on a variety of topics in the future. exactly 1 weeks time I will be entering the Big Easy and having a Perma Grin latched to my lower face area for the next several days....


As far as the blog post I have never hidden my pure love of Trombone Shorty, the man to me is the perfect combination of NOLA music, and the album itself kicked arse!  So what is wrong with you? Get into The SUPAFUNKROCK!!!

Here are some more tunes if you haven't fallen in love yet...BOOSH!
"Hurricane Season"

"Suburbia" with a splash of "I Feel Like Funkin' It Up"

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