Thursday, April 21, 2011

NYPL Blog Post - Galactic Ya-Ka-May

Well it looks like my NOLA Jazzfest Countdown left RtBE this year and hopped on over to the day job's blog.
After my Dr. John Gris-Gris post received positive feedback, I went with a newer NOLA album from just last year, Galactic's Ya-Ka-May

Not going to say too much more about it, since I already reviewed it here once and fed off that for my NYPL post, but if anything I like the album more now, and I dug it a lot last year.  I will embedded some of the tracks to funk you up though,...enjoy:

My favorite first-
"Liquor Pang" Galactic with Cohen & Scully over some cool drawing time lapse, nice work BluDragonGal  

"Speaks His Mind" with Walter "Wolfman" Washington

"Boe Money" with Rebirth Brass Band

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