Monday, January 25, 2016

Dylan Cover #218 The Jamie Saft Trio w/ Mike Patton "Ballad Of A Thin Man"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by The Jamie Saft Trio with Mike Patton of the Dylan tune "Ballad Of A Thin Man"
It is Jazzy January here at RtBE and that is flowing into our Monday Dylan Cover Series as we look at four covers from The Jamie Saft Trio who put a jazz twist on the Bard's Catalog.  

Thoughts On Original:
Surprisingly we have not touched upon a cover of this track yet in the series, possibly because it has never been anywhere close to a favorite of ours. This tune seems to be a clear product of Dylan's time and space, hounded by media/fans/everyone and lashing out in a burnt out manner. Not containing his best lines or playing it has never really grabbed hold, except a few times in the live setting.  

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Up until this month we had not heard of the Jamie Saft Trio, but with our focus on the group here is a little something about them. Comprised of Jamie Saft on Piano, Ben Perowsky on Drums and Greg Cohen on Bass the group is an acoustic Jazz trio who have produced 2 releases, the one we are focusing on this month of Dylan covers and Astaroth- the Jamie Saft Trio Plays Masada Book II.
Thoughts on Cover:
With the end of Jazzy Jan on the horizon we will start sliding more into the focus of this site, rock and roll. Mike Patton is a captivating front-man and he joins the trio here to claim the spotlight and deliver a rousing cover of the Dylan original. While the players admirably support, this is the most straight ahead they have been this month and allow Patton's vocals to shine and go all over.

It has been lot of fun focusing on this bands Dylan covers this month, and you can purchase the album to support them more.

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